Laridian (laridian) wrote,

So I did a thing because I'm an adult and nobody can stop me

I got more gerbils.

PetSmart had three brand-new li'l guys and they're adorable and I texted SilverLily to clean out Silver's old cage and get it ready but didn't tell her how many.

One's black like Coffee, one's agouti (natural color) and one is a cream and white. The cream and white is a daredevil and climbs the walls of the cage before jumping down to the bottom. (According to gerbil color websites he's a Honey Cream, except I don't know if his eyes are black or not.)

No names yet, just gerbils.

 photo IMG_20150304_133142.jpg

 photo IMG_20150304_132656.jpg
Tags: pets
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