Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Handmade Halloween kitty plush!

This is something I made for iceraptoress' birthday :)

It's a macrocephalic Halloween kitty!

 photo cat3_01172015.png

Since iceraptoress says she collects Halloween plush kitties, I made one. If I ever make another one of these, I think I'll embiggen the pattern before cutting. Some of the seams were a little tight.
 photo cat1_01172015.png

The little black hat is a separate piece purchased from Joann's. I couldn't find a safe way to attach it, so it's an accessory! :)

I'm very happy with the eyes. There's some purple in the fabric, and those buttons have a "cat pupil" effect that's perfect.
 photo cat4_01172015.png

The face pieces could supposedly be glued on, but in practice I had to sew everything on to make sure it stayed attached. But yay! Handmade Halloween kitty! :D
Tags: crafts, gifts, halloween, plush
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