Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Brains Legacy/ISBI episode index

Generations 1-4 are ISBI rules

Family tree post(s) can be found here

Generation 1: Mike, the Good-Natured Dope
1.1: Women of the Prehistoric Planet
1.2: Untamed Youth
1.3: The Slime People
1.4: The Corpse Vanishes

Generation 2: "Professor" Bobo
2.1: Ring of Terror
2.2: The Phantom Creeps
2.3: First Spaceship to Venus
2.4: The Hellcats
2.5: Rocketship X-M

Generation 3: Croooooooow!
3.1: Teenage Caveman
3.2: Pod People
3.3: Time of the Apes
3.4: Daddy-O
3.5: The Amazing Colossal Man
3.6: Gamera vs Guiron
3.7: Appreciating Our Parents
3.8: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Generation 4: Darlene, Destroyer of Sims
4.1: Manhunt in Space
4.2: Bride of the Monster
4.3: The Killer Shrews
4.4: Fire Maidens from Outer Space
4.5: Attack of The The Eye Creatures
4.6: Here Comes the Circus
4.7: Manos: The Hands of Fate
4.8: Tormented

At this point, a Brains descendant begins a Black Widow challenge! Her installments are all spider-themed. The two families continue to interact, so it helps to read the Brains and Black Widow entries together, in the order they were posted.

5.1: The Girl in Lover's Lane
Black Widow 1: Earth Vs. the Spider
5.2: 12 to the Moon
Black Widow 2: Kiss of the Spider Woman
5.3: The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Black Widow 3: Spider Baby
5.4: Teen-Age Strangler
Black Widow 4: The Giant Spider Invasion

Generation 6: Doctor Erhardt... Is Missing
6.1: Bloodlust!
Black Widow 5: Horrors of Spider Island
6.2: Danger!! Death Ray
Black Widow 6: Arachnophobia
6.3: The Dead Talk Back
Black Widow 7: Kingdom of the Spiders
Black Widow 8/Finale: Planet of the Spiders
Black Widow Epilogue
6.4: The Amazing Transparent Man
6.5: Zombie Nightmare
6.6: The Sinister Urge
6.7: Are You Ready For Marriage?

Generation 7: Steffi, Family Sim of Iron
7.1: Once Upon a Honeymoon
7.2: The Incredible Melting Man
7.3: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
7.4: Escape 2000
7.5: The Brute Man
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