Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Fabric hunting, Beyond Earth

Today I picked out 7 batik fabrics for the Northern Lights quilt (gonna make it king-size BECAUSE OF COURSE I WILL MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR MYSELF TO ASSEMBLE). The downside is that even with 40%-off-one-item coupons galore, I still had about $40 to work with and $90 of fabric. (Batiks are sooo pretty but sooo expensive)

I got three of them. The king-size version needs 8, but I'm using the kelp batik I already have. So now I have 4 fabrics, half of what I need. I took a picture of the rest so I can get them later, if they're still there.

Yes, I know I'm buying fabric for a quilt when I actually have 3 others actively in progress that I can remember at this time. And I bought another pattern magazine too. And this doesn't count the Mad Science kit that I got at the quilt festival but haven't even cracked open yet.

~ ~ ~

I also have returned to 4X games with Civilization: Beyond Earth, slightly discounted, and I don't know what half the tech tree does but it's fun finding out. Also, every national ruler on this world is female and all of my secret agents are female. I didn't pick that, the game did.
Tags: games, quilting
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