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Square Dance quilt, top finish

Another top finish that will wait for backing/batting/binding until I get a new machine etc. But it's done! And it's freakin' huge, too - I'm not sure what happened with that.

One day I will use up all these scraps and remnants! This quilt (Square Dance) is a sibling to Scrap Heap, being another white, colorful quilt made out of scraps and remnants, almost all of them the same fabrics.

 photo squaredance_08242014_topfinish.png

The pattern said the finished size would be 80x94" or thereabouts. This one is 98x140" - definitely a king size. I'm not sure what happened, unless I was supposed to cut down all the squares severely, because I made the same number of squares as the pattern (6x7 array) and cut the strips to correct sizes and etc.

I still have to trim down the sides to be even - you can see it especially on the left - and then I have a really freakin' huge quilt, sho nuff.

What I'd like to do eventually is actually quilt this with a meandering pattern and colored thread, maybe? To fill up all the white space? Though white thread would have an appeal to. To do that, I need a bigger machine (to quilt this massive thing) and to learn/practice meandering and see if I have a walking foot (maybe one will come with the new machine?).

Still in the pipeline:
Gold/Galaxy - sewing blocks
Flannel 8-Bit - need to cut fabric
Tropic Thunder (working name) - piecing

Holy crap! I'm down to only THREE projects, and of those, only two are actually in progress! The other one is in the "stuff I wanna do" pile. Technically I do have Christmas presents to work on too, but still - Stuff's gettin' done!

(The quilt for my godchild is off the table because she won't appreciate it)
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