Laridian (laridian) wrote,


We picked 23.5 pounds of blueberries in less than 2 hours. It rained on us while we did so. Twice. But the recent rains made for big juicy berries.

Most will be frozen for later consumption, though it would be nice to have some fresh ones for pie or muffins or pancakes...

I also bought some locally made cherry jelly and, for $2, a dozen quail eggs, because SilverLily (formerly the artist known as Pixie) really, really wanted them. She doesn't even eat regular eggs (e.g. scrambled, boiled, etc.) so I don't know why she wanted quail eggs so bad. We did explain they're for eating, not hatching.

We also went to Brothers Pizza (the closest thing to Bizarro's that we've found here) and I never noticed before they make food other than pizza. SL got a cheesesteak and it was really good. I think I'll get that next time.
Tags: hunting and gathering
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