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Team Fortress 2 art! Our team!

More fanart! This is by MadJesters1 on DeviantArt and is of our all-OC BLU team in Team Fortress 2. :)

 photo 60788_original.jpg

porkwithbones and I consider the RED team the canon one, with the mercs we know from the "Meet the..." series and the comics and elsewhere. So we created an all-OC team to be the Blues, because I play Blue and so there. :P

Left to right, back row:
SPY - Martin, who's not smiling despite having a good hair day. French, professional, capable. Very loyal to his team, also very secretive as a good Spy should be. Been with the team 4 years.

HEAVY - Samson, whose brother was the previous Medic. Samson hails from northern Mexico and is fighting in the Gravel Wars to send money back home. Came to the team shortly after Martin.

THE DOVE - Bonito, an Inca dove that's adopted the new Medic.

SNIPER - Finn, who's illiterate, comes from a remote and rural part of Finland, and doesn't speak English when he arrives. Not very happy with being stationed in the Southwestern desert. Carries an ax as his melee weapon. New teammate.

Middle row:
SOLDIER - Vlad Janos (who some of you might remember from City of Heroes. Vlad's been my character in one setting or another since the late 1980s). Lithuanian-American, given the choice between take the fight to the Soviets or repeatedly not die in the Gravel Wars, he chose BLU. Team leader. Been with the team since just before Martin.

MEDIC - Günter Schlachterhauser, aka Doc because half the team can't even pronounce his name. From Bismarck, ND, he's an archaeologist who was tricked into signing up for perpetual fighting in an isolated base in the middle of nowhere. Still, he's getting by. New teammate, obviously.
The previous Medic (Samson's brother) semi-tamed some wild doves in the area, and one has sort of adopted Gunter, who named it Bonito.

ENGINEER - Lonnie is the oldest of the team (somewhere in his 50s), bad-tempered, misanthropic, and carries grudges. Still, he keeps the equipment running. Came into the team the same time as Liam, who's possibly Lonnie's only friend. Been with the team 18 months.

Front row:
PYRO - Krieg is good-looking, charming, but somehow just a little off. Not crazy, just... different. Really enjoys his work. New teammate.

DEMOMAN - Liam's parents are from Punjab but he was born and raised in Ireland. His parents (devout Buddhists) are deeply bothered by their son's lack of impulse control, job that involves killing people, and arrest record, but they love him anyway and hope he'll come around. Liam himself also enjoys his work, and life, and gets very intense about anything he does. He wanted the picture of his team to send home to his parents. Been with the team 18 months, same as Lonnie.

SCOUT - Sasha suffers the twin problem of a perfectly fine Russian diminutive that most Americans think is a girl's name, and the fact that "Sasha" is also the name of the Red Heavy's minigun. He comes from a Russian Mafia family that sent him here to sow his wild oats and get some experience before joining the family business. New teammate.
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