Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Happy things

T-shirt quilt: the last 3 t-shirts were cut down to size and fusible-interfaced. Maybe this week/next weekend I can sew everything together.
I think for the backing I'm going for plain black cotton. Binding will still be a bright blue to pick up the colors in the T-shirts. This could actually get finished next weekend if everything falls into place.

Kids' quilts: cut some more fabric, but I really need to be able to start sewing soon.

Next jeans quilt (whimper): still have to cut some fabric but technically could get started, if I had a machine strong enough to sew denim. So I might cut more denim, but otherwise this is on hold for a week.

Future: OMG I FOUND ANOTHER PATTERN YOU GUYS. And this one uses up tons of scraps, which I'm likely to have a lot of by that point!
Also Future: I found a Goodwill T-shirt with a big honkin' biohazard symbol on it in red. OF COURSE I bought that for $2. Eventually I might do my own T-shirt quilt and then look out! (Alternately, if I could dye the shirt black, it would work great for Johnny Pandemic cosplay, except I don't know if the biohazard would dye or not.)

Cosplay: Bonesaw: got around to sealing it at last and letting it outgas a bit and now it's all ready for whenever I'm Medic next.

House: New light fixture in the bedroom! Which is great. I took down the old ugly shade when we moved in because a) it was ugly, and b) the room was too dark with it on. So I substituted ugly for ugly (bare bulbs!) and now I have a nice new modern fixture. Maybe one new fixture is going to get replaced every week or two upstairs. Using the same ones in all the bedrooms and probably the office when the time comes. Hallway lights next.

And my basil has sprouted! Yay!
Tags: cosplay, garden, house, quilt: denim, quilt: t-shirt, quilting
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