Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Finally got some sewing done

Kids' quilts (Dragon's Lair and Hole in the Wall): I bought 7 yards of a really nice white fabric with a subtle leaf pattern on it, to use on both quilts. Started doing some cutting of fabric but got sidetracked, because:

T-shirt quilt: coming along really, really great on that. As of last night, when I ran out of black thread, I had 9 of the 12 T-shirts sewn together and most of the sashing. I'm using a jellyroll of black batik for the sashing. I actually need 1 more black T-shirt to finish anyway, so I'm not sure when I can actually finish. If I can scare up one more black T-shirt, then I can do all the border sashing and move on to the 3 B's: binding, backing and batting. It would be awesome if I could get it all done today. Awesome, but unlikely, as I need thread and a T-shirt before I can even think about finishing.

Autumn leaves quilt: still haven't moved along on that, because the Kenmore sewing machine (my old one) is a bit tetchy and I'm nervous about doing all the fiddly seams on it.

I found a possible use for all the remaining denim! Instead of fighting with a bunch of pointy seams like in the pinwheel quilt, a modified log cabin pattern in 1.5" and 2.5" strips. Should work out pretty good.

I apparently now have a subscription to a quilting magazine. Mom thinks she bought it for me when a cousin was hitting everyone up for fundraising. I hope I get some good designs out of it.

On a totally unrelated note, I want to find a collage frame for 5x7" pictures. This is harder than it sounds. Either they're all different sizes or they're just 3 pictures together. I was given a bunch of Team Fortress 2 cards for Christmas and I want to display them, and they're 5x7 in both horizontal and vertical images. I have about 20 of these, so even if I trade them out regularly, it's still a lot to display. I don't feel like cutting my own mats because reasons.
Tags: quilting
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