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T-shirt quilt project

Today I'm cutting up T-shirts for a T-shirt quilt. Fabric cutting is kind of easy to do, as you can do it without getting out the sewing machine, assuming you have a decent space to work in, which I don't. Today I have to share the table with Toly's tools, for instance.

Anyway. Cutting up T-shirts.
I've been saving up the T-shirts as they've started getting ratty, though I really wish I'd started sooner. There were some geeky shirts I would have loved to use for this. Oh well. :/ As it is, these have holes under the arms, or the collars are fraying. Some of them are really old, like 20 years old. We don't tend to throw things away often, is what I'm saying, until they fall apart on us.

I quickly discovered that the easiest way to start is to cut the design (front or back of the shirt) free of the other side, like so:
 photo IMG_20140204_135135_572.jpg

The next step is to cut them down to size. Most adult T-shirt designs fit in a 14" square, it turns out. If I had a big square piece of Plexiglas it would be easy to measure and cut, but instead, I have some 14" pieces of cardstock that do just as well.

After cutting, you get this, more or less. (Some designs are closer to the edge than others. But if I want to keep them all the same width, I have to stick to this.)
 photo IMG_20140204_140204_900.jpg

Today I did a new thing: I used fusible interfacing! That's because T-shirt fabric is stretchy like whoa. So fusible interfacing needs to be ironed onto the fabric so it can be sewn easily. I have sacrificed the peach-colored pillowcase to the noble cause of being a press cloth, because seriously, pale orange pillowcase?

The fusible interfacing works great and now I have several T-shirt blocks ready to go:
 photo IMG_20140204_141839_477.jpg

I have three more T-shirts that are going to take some more planning, though. They have about the same width (14") but are much longer. If I can make them all the same length, they could be one row in the quilt.

I also think I want to add sashing between the blocks and use the same stuff as a border. Ideally I'd like to use something already in the stash, but I'll ask Toly what he wants, because I sort of feel like this is for him. The flannel on the back of the pinwheel quilt worked out so well that that is very tempting, if I can find something on the cheap.
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