Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Sort-of-Snow Day

After much confusion (the office is closed, the business is open!) and having to call my boss to confirm what's going on, I'm WFH today. Which is better than driving, because a lot of the ramps are closed because the highways are iced over.

Not as fun as a snow day, but at least I'm WFH.

The kids are having a genuine day off from school; the school called at 4:50 AM to let me know this. I get up at 5, so it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

In other news, my brother's second birthday party (as in, the second party about his birthday this year, not that he has become 2 years old; that would be weird) is tomorrow, and I volunteered to make blueberry pie, because I have a ton of blueberries from last year's gathering and I need to use them up by May.

Mom didn't want to ask what she could bring, because she dreaded that they would ask her to make five pans of lasagna. But she finally volunteered, and they asked her to make mashed potatoes... for 25 people. Which means I had better make two pies. Yes, I have plenty more blueberries where those came from!
Tags: family, work
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