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30 Days Roll the Dice Challenge: Day 22

Day 22 of the 30 Day Roll the Dice Challenge.

Day 22:
Monkey Island: What this game means to you/how it changed your life

This is the game that got me into adventure games.

PCGamer Magazine had a free CD insert one issue with DRM-free, copy protection-free, full classic games from years past. I think the original Duke Nukem was on that disk too, but I don't remember anything else except Secret of Monkey Island. I'd never heard of it before.

I'm pretty sure the computers were on Windows 95 at the time, which puts this somewhere in the late 1990s if I'm remembering everything correctly.

The accompanying article in the magazine discussed the games on the CD: something like "10 best classic games". I decided to give SMI a try. I loved it.

That was not the game that introduced me to adventure games. I'd played Zork, pretty sure I'd played something by Sierra... the text adventures and the "one wrong move and you die" type games. Those are frustrating, for obvious reasons. I didn't have money for the invisible-ink hint books available when we got those games. Those were waaaaaay back when, long before the PCGamer disk.

Great things I discovered about SMI:
1. You can't die!
2. You can't mess up your game to where you can't win/complete!
3. Reflexes aren't critical to the game! (to a point - each game has one puzzle with timing challenges)
4. Great humor.

Secret of Monkey Island got me into the rest of the LucasArts catalog and other adventure games, and I've enjoyed them to this day.

That said, SMI isn't my favorite in the series by a long shot. I'd have to say MI3 (Curse of Monkey Island) and MI2: LeChuck's Revenge are both good, and I like replaying them. MI4 is hateful (see previous installment of this challenge) and doesn't exist so it can't be in the rankings. I guess SMI is my "least favorite", but that's like saying cake is your least favorite dessert: it's still pretty darn good dessert, even if you prefer pie, ice cream, or cookies.
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