Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Turtle Hurdles! On bikes!

Today's Scout service activity was fixing up the atrium at the elementary school. Replacing the wood "pavers", trimming the plants and so on. One of the fun parts for the kid was rounding up the turtles in the atrium.

Imp found two turtles.
 photo IMG_20140118_123859_925.jpg

Allegedly there were 22 turtles to be found. The kids found 22 hibernating(!) turtles and put them in boxes so they wouldn't get hurt in the renovations. This isn't all of them. There's a little tiny one in one box.
 photo IMG_20140118_123809_454.jpg

Then it was on to the actual renovating, and Imp did very well, digging and etc.
 photo IMG_20140118_134353_970.jpg

 photo IMG_20140118_120900_432.jpg

Also today, for $15 got a new bike for Pixie at Goodwill. With some fixing up, it's a good mountain bike for her to use until she outgrows it (which will probably happen within 6 months).
 photo IMG_20140118_095645_845.jpg
Tags: boy scouts, family, school, wildlife
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