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Black Sunday, Left On Their Own

Wow, another update already! Blame it on a vacation day.

When last we left, poor Alatan was running ragged, trying to the gardening, cooking, and cleaning as well as her ill-advised job in Science career. Pretty Hatemachine (PHM) was working toward the end of all life as she knows it, Crash is aiming for that superspy license to kill, and Johnny had begun his career of busting the town's surprisingly high volume of ghosts.

So how are things going?

By now they have enough money that they really need to start upgrading. The bunk beds are sorta okay, but they're cheap crappy things and take forever for sims to regain energy from. Since they can afford only two beds and have to take turns sleeping, this is a real issue.

Therefore it's time to buy a new bed! And Alatan gets first crack at it.
"Nmmmrmnd lmmme lone."
 photo Screenshot-1647.jpg

"ALATAN! Why aren't you fixing the sink?!" This is why Al is exhausted. Since anyone can repair plumbing, someone else did it while she slept (don't think it was Johnny, I think he had to go to work).
 photo Screenshot-1648.jpg

PHM enjoys seeing Alatan being miserable. D:
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-27-51-17.png

Low-res ghosts. Must be old.
 photo Screenshot-1649.jpg

"I really wish someone would fix that sink!" Oops, I guess nobody fixed it after all. Look at the floor!
 photo Screenshot-1650.jpg

"I really wish someone else would mop up that puddle!" But I did take pity on Alatan and bought a dishwasher, which will likely break too, but it's the thought that counts, right?
 photo Screenshot-1651.jpg

At this point Alatan quit her job, just like it says. She just has too much to get done!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-41-48-35.png

Like, fix the sink, mop the puddle, make dinner, and so on... yet she seems happier already. Or at least better rested.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-50-09-72.png

Halfway through the mopping, the room goes from "vile" to "filthy".
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-53-49-02.png

And yet... I guess she enjoys being house serf? *worries*
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-03-05-28.png

Johnny is Alatan's first friend. Hurray! It makes things slightly easier.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-24-29-94.png

 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-27-18-15.png

PHM looks stunned. She's missing work because she got thrown in the Zig, er, jail. I guess all her personal built-in weaponry was deactivated upon coming to Lucky Palms, because otherwise she would've killed everyone and escaped, like the murderbot she is.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-27-33-11.png

Speaking of murderbots, when I first saw this I saw "We don't want you to escape using your Murder" and I really wondered what she was doing there.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-30-20-54.png

This scene looks almost domestic, doesn't it? Alatan gardening while Crash sits at the chess table (I believe with a sandwich she fixed for him).
 photo Screenshot-1652.jpg

"The sandwich was great, but the worm eggs really didn't work for me."
 photo Screenshot-1653.jpg

"But the yellow fish jelly was okay?"
 photo Screenshot-1654.jpg

"Yeah, but next time..." It's not Alatan's fault, really. Her world was very different from Prime, Fortea, and this place. She's doing the best she can, and it doesn't help that Johnny's willing to eat bugs and other weird starvation foods.
 photo Screenshot-1655.jpg

Alatan needed some fun, even if it meant leaving the house, so she went to the movies. Her two options are apparently "R-rated teen sex comedy"...
 photo Screenshot-1656.jpg

...and "R-rated horror slasher film". Some choice!
 photo Screenshot-1657.jpg

Back home, it's time to work some more on friendships. That will help around the house.
"Oh, all right, I'll let you live as long as Crash, mostly because you do all the drudge work around here."
 photo Screenshot-1658.jpg

Then the "get a job" wants started kicking back in, but really, if it's not needed for her job, she's going to be a homebody for a while.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-03-52-52.png

New ghost type.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-32-32-19.png

This is what a poltergeist looks like. Floating furniture.
 photo Screenshot-1660.jpg

Eat it, Oscar the Grouch!
 photo Screenshot-1661.jpg

Well, shoot, I guess my poll last time was unnecessary. Ancient burial ground it is!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-28-52-80.png

Maybe you've noticed how the haunted lots are lit with strange colors. They revert to normal when you've busted all the ghosts.
 photo Screenshot-1662.jpg

You know, a guy with a klepto roommate and an evil roommate might think of casing the rich houses he visits, and letting his friends know what's in them and where the alarms are. Not that Johnny would ever do such a thing, of course.
 photo Screenshot-1663.jpg

So now we have 8 spirits, all worth something. Hm.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-36-04-79.png

Oh, okay! We can work on that! Especially since Johnny gets 2-3 jobs a night and each one has at least 3 ghosts in it.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-38-38-31.png

I guess the "Bloody Mary" thing really does work!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-38-58-10.png

Better soundproofing and insulation would probably help a lot.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1313-41-48-35.png

The real Crash would say "So long, sucker! Eat my dust!" but to improve relationships with his coworkers, Crash takes the fall... for now. The guy will probably wake up with a knife in the pillow next to him, though.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-07-32-01.png

Yeah, you'd better be appreciative!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-07-36-91.png

Alatan takes on "upgrading" the stove the only way she* knows how: beating on it with a hammer.
 photo Screenshot-1664.jpg

(*The Engineer from Team Fortress 2, uses a wrench, but he's a guy.)

Success! Our first crop! Tomatoes, lettuce, apples, the usual starter set.
 photo Screenshot-1665.jpg

Johnny now gets a new device, the PKE meter ghost detector, which is a silly looking thing that seems to have a bad connection somewhere, given how much Johnny has to shake it to make it work.
 photo Screenshot-1666.jpg

Look, I don't want to judge, but... why all the gnomes and flamingoes in the bedroom?
 photo Screenshot-1667.jpg

"Huh, yeah, cold... I guess the AC kicked in."
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-08-24-27.png

Just like in Sims 2, the ghosts turn on the TVs and stereos and, in this case, boogie down.
 photo Screenshot-1668.jpg

This is a Chinese ghost, by the way. And with the various ghosts that weren't low-res, I was able to get them to move on to the next world. But afterwards, I thought, if I use the Bust-All on them and capture them, are they worth more money? Or do only low-res ghosts get that indignity? Food for thought and something I should look into.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-08-39-12.png

Ghosts are really, really lonely in the afterlife. They were BFFs in no time. Which you need to do to make them go away.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-09-49-33.png

We don't know any dead people yet.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-13-06-95.png

You can't see it in a still, but this ghost has smoke and cinders coming off her.
 photo Screenshot-1669.jpg

Also, she was French. All the full-bodied ghosts so far are foreigners! Maybe they died while on vacation? Except they're dressed all medeival-like. Maybe they're tied to objects brought over as souvenirs from Europe and Asia?
Actually, this would be unnerving, wouldn't it? Knowing a ghost was watching you all the time at night?
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-18-36-03.png

So there's the next job and WAIT WHAT
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-37-08-27.png

PHM was talking to a paparazzi and apparently they hit it off OK. Paps are still around despite no celebrities.

Given the arrests and general lack of micromanagement for so long, there was no way she could have made a party on top of everything else.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-34-26-24.png

Back to back awards, which he couldn't accept until he was done ghostbusting that night.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-29-23-48.png
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-43-19-69.png

After work, Johnny goes for a hamburger sandwich and some french fried potatoes.
"Huh, that's strange. Last time I was here, there were three lights."
(Crash struck again)
 photo Screenshot-1670.jpg

Crash has a thing for stealing lights - he's stolen half a dozen now. Plus one car, a mirror and a fruit basket from work.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-47-56-38.png

Crap, I clicked $1000 instead of $100! Oh well... it's also evil to deplete the household funds.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1314-51-21-13.png

Anyone in the house (but usually Alatan) can repair plumbing, but for electrical repairs, it's time to bite the bullet and hire the repair lady.
 photo Screenshot-1671.jpg

"Excuse me, it's three in the morning, what do you want?"
"I have the apples and heads you asked for!"
"Of lettuce!"
Alatan completes her first opportunity, grow some stuff and give it to this lady. We get a few bucks for our trouble.
 photo Screenshot-1672.jpg

Then I want her to do something else for a while, and in a nearby park is the wildflower jackpot!
 photo Screenshot-1673.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-38-20-16.png

She got 7 different types in one visit, not that that means much for the game. I put a couple of them on the computer desk so the others won't leave their dirty dishes on the empty spaces.
 photo Screenshot-1674.jpg

Whoa, these are worth money! But I like them for blocking dirty dishes.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-53-10-95.png

Poor Alatan can't catch a break. *facepalm* Allergies and a cold!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-43-17-59.png

One allergy shot later, Alatan experiences some side effects.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-49-30-41.png

Remember how I mentioned Johnny casing the joint? He noticed one place had veggies and fruit ready for harvest. Alatan sneaks over and strips the lot clean.
 photo Screenshot-1675.jpg

Eek, Johnny tried to cook during The Day Without Anyone Keeping Track of Us.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-51-59-01.png

Crash has started eating at restaurants rather than coming home to crappy waffles, and I think he's exchanging witty double entendres with a fellow spy here.
 photo Screenshot-1676.jpg

In fact, there's almost certainly some microfilm or a coded message or something in those flowers! Right?
 photo Screenshot-1677.jpg

We have rain and hail again. Figured I'd give it a go, since I dropped the celebrity stuff.
 photo Screenshot-1678.jpg

Then I sent PHM and Crash to the summer festival, and saved, and didn't realize that I hadn't paused first, so when the game stopped saving, it kept going. I think they were on their own for a whole sim-day. Naturally this caused some problems, like Crash going to work when he was already dead tired... but it looks like he somehow made friends with Alatan during this time.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-23-40-00.png

PHM picked up a computer virus.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-24-04-16.png

And got arrested again. I think she was arrested 3 times during this play session.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-58-01-33.png

Al keeps wanting to go back to Science, but no dice. She's friends with two of her three roommates, we're on a roll now. The others aren't actually friends with each other, mostly because I'm concentrating on Al right now to avoid that Shy moodlet.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-55-36-39.png

Al's apparently doing quite well now that she quit her job, thanks very much. (The better bed probably helps too.)
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-58-34-22.png

Nice to know PHM did something fun at the festival!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-59-13-56.png

The whole seance thing just feels wrong. Also that last line is such a double entendre.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1315-59-48-41.png

I don't think I've ever seen a sim that badly off!
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-04-23-11.png

On top of that, he was staying late for work. Oops. I did look around for a park bench for Crash to nap on, but no dice, so I sent him home. I like that in S3, Sims won't get all the way to the bed and then collapse like a house of cards on the floor next to it.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1316-04-46-90.png

And he stole a coffee cup from the diner. Really, Crash?
 photo TS3W2013-12-1317-06-47-79.png

PHM is out, but Alatan feels good because she's friends with Johnny and Crash and thus all is right with the world.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1317-08-22-26.png

Despite all this, PHM continues her rise in the Criminal career.
 photo TS3W2013-12-1317-10-31-96.png

And that's the end of that roundup. PHM is becoming friends with the pap, so maybe something will happen there. Tune in next time!
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