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October garden status

Yes, it's October, but darn it, we keep trying to grow things anyway.

This is a set of four things trying to get some afternoon sun. An orchid that my brother gave to Mom for Mother's Day, IIRC; some sprouting basil; and a snapdragon and pansy(?) that Imp won at the church festival.
 photo Dsc03617.jpg

The basil was kind of on a whim. It's lime basil and the seeds are probably 2 years old. I figured if they didn't grow, so what. But they've sprouted, and now I hope they'll grow enough to make it worthwhile to thin them. It'd be nice to have some basil. Granted, I'm more used to Italian basil, but still.
 photo DSC03618.jpg

The orchid was living in the bathroom and surviving, at least, but really enjoyed being outside last week. Mom brought it in for the cold front at night, but after it warms up in the morning, it goes back outside. In exchange, it's rewarded her with 4 blossoms.
 photo DSC03619.jpg

Now, on to the lemon tree. Six years ago I bought a juvenile dwarf Meyer lemon tree. We carted it around for a while and finally planted it in the yard at this house a couple years ago. It never seemed to do anything. Oh, it blossomed, but despite my (admittedly erratic) care, that was it. It would get some fruit and then drop everything.

This year Mom actually cared for it, which might be only so much as making sure it had water and occasional other care, I'm not even sure. But OMG WE HAVE LEMONS. Somewhere around 14, maybe. They're huge and still dark green, so it'll probably be Christmas before they ripen.

This is a picture of 3 of them.
 photo DSC03621.jpg

We have bird netting over the tree to keep squirrels and birds out, because at least one squirrel did try to eat one of the incredibly unripe lemons. Since we put up the netting, no problems. If anything, it's thrived and is putting out new leaves, and the bug infestations seem to have cleared up, which shouldn't have been impacted by bird netting. Still, it's going strong, and we may actually get lemons this year!

If they do come to term, I've said Mom gets to decide what to do with them, because she's the one who took care of the tree and made sure we'd have lemons this year.
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