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Johnny Pandemic and the Kid That Won't Leave

Keno Capello finally grows up, but of course that doesn't mean Johnny Pandemic can get on with his own life!

Just an aside here. I never bothered with premade sims in CAS in Sims2 because they looked, well, very base-game and not very interesting. But in Sims 3, I realized that the premades come with personalities. So I checked in on this nerdy young man who looks a lot like Tremendous Pandemic (and I had to go look up his name, it's been so long since I played that household). And look!

 photo TS3W2013-07-2818-59-37-04.png

Nerdy Boy is secretly a villain, it appears. Also, he had Gold Digger as a potential LTW, which combined with his Commitment Issues and the game's greater difficulty with making friends would make for a hella hard LTW, I think.

Okay, on to Johnny Pandemic's household. Johnny's new (as of last update) LTW is "descendant of da Vinci" which means to max Inventing, Painting and Sculpting. He maxed Inventing ages ago, so now he's concentrating on Sculpting. He can now do ice sculptures, which is an excellent reason to use a chainsaw in one's underwear with no eye protection.
 photo Screenshot-779.jpg

Not bad for a first attempt!
Ice sculptures are tricky things. You can sell them immediately at the store, but if you keep them in inventory, they melt (duh). I think there's an achievement where after enough of them, you know how to make them not melt. Fakey science!
 photo Screenshot-780.jpg

That's no burglar - it's a costume party! I'm having Keno crash parties anywhere to build up his celebrity meter. His LTW is Rich and Famous, which requires $100k in cash (not a problem) and a full celebrity meter (trickier). I've been working on this since he first got the LTW.
 photo Screenshot-781.jpg

Keno goes as Jason (Michael Myers? I never watched those movies so I don't know) and Johnny as a ninja (with BrainySpex!).
 photo Screenshot-784.jpg

Sadly, sometimes there are just no celebrities available, but he tries.
 photo Screenshot-785.jpg

I think he's the only teen there, too.
 photo Screenshot-786.jpg

Johnny shows off his mad snake-charming skillz he picked up in Egypt.
 photo Screenshot-787.jpg

It looks like Camo Lady just shoved a bouquet right up Burglar's face, doesn't it?
 photo Screenshot-789.jpg

Some of the adventures require you to talk to/beg stuff from locals. The problem is that you can't do this until you're friends with them. I could understand that if, say, you're trying to talk up the local factory and how great it is for jobs. But "take this ancient document and get it translated" seems more like a money-based thing, you know? I don't know, I wouldn't think I'd need a close personal friendship with a translator before asking them to do their job.
 photo Screenshot-793.jpg

"You said it, boss."
 photo Screenshot-795.jpg

Hey, that looks keen. Even if they're roasting... what, cabbages? and hotdogs?
 photo Screenshot-798.jpg

Yes, Johnny's in France again (Keno's left home alone, as a teen) and isn't that a creepy thing to see! It's someone sleeping on the next floor up, but for some reason the game made them visible.
 photo Screenshot-799.jpg

Woman on right: slim-fast shake. Woman on left: quart of Chunky Monkey ice cream.
 photo Screenshot-800.jpg

Sometime after that, someone broke the sink and flooded the kitchen. Playables are the only ones who fix things or call repair people, of course.
 photo Screenshot-803.jpg

"Gasp! Johnny Pandemic has come to our small French bookstore!"
 photo Screenshot-805.jpg

Johnny tried roasting onions and garlic over the fire pit. (It's random what gets chosen on the skewer.) They burned.
 photo Screenshot-812.jpg

Blech! And he got the Bad Breath moodlet too.
 photo Screenshot-817.jpg

Back home, Keno is about to hit adulthood. I wanted to send him to France, but he's still officially in boarding school according to the game.

"All right! Now I can really piss off my Dad!"
 photo Screenshot-827.jpg

He looks eerily like Crash (which he should). Huge caterpillar brows again.
 photo Screenshot-828.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-08-0121-18-18-96.png

Oh, stop it. You look like a pimpin' cowboy now.
 photo Screenshot-829.jpg

Hey, you could've looked like this!
 photo TS3W2013-08-0121-21-04-08.png

Ponytail, soul patch, tweezed brows. Much better (and guaranteed to upset Crash if he finds out). Time to call up the boyfriend!
 photo Screenshot-830.jpg

Finally, Keno and Don can get together as adults. Johnny, not wanting to get in trouble with Crash, makes a point of working with the chainsaw during Don's visit.
 photo Screenshot-833.jpg

"You gotta really keep the teeth sharp for a good cut!"
(Toly asked if something was wrong with my computer because of the grinding noise)
 photo TS3W2013-08-0121-51-07-27.png

It's a grownup sleepover!
 photo TS3W2013-08-0121-30-22-78.png

(For fun, here's Keno in pajamas. XD
 photo Screenshot-832.jpg

They've been waiting so long now, why not make it official?
 photo Screenshot-836.jpg

Boy, that's... awkward.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0121-30-52-30.png

Don accepts (I think I've only ever had 2 rejections in all the years I've played sims) and obviously the next thing to do is have a bachelor party, without Don present. Keno tries to only invite celebrities.
 photo Screenshot-838.jpg

Johnny dresses up too.
 photo Screenshot-837.jpg

That's Christal, Johnny's daughter-in-law (2-star celebrity) who keeps hitting on everything with a Y chromosome.
 photo Screenshot-839.jpg

And here's the exotic dancer!
 photo Screenshot-841.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-08-0122-14-10-32.png

Of course Christal likes what she sees.
 photo Screenshot-842.jpg

I keep getting the death notices on the phone. Or at parties.
 photo Screenshot-847.jpg

This place really isn't set up well for parties, though. I forgot I was going to get a bigger house.
 photo Screenshot-846.jpg

Partway through the party, Johnny forced an elderly celebrity to pump iron.
 photo Screenshot-848.jpg

This guy is getting through his grief through art.
 photo Screenshot-849.jpg

Looks like it might be time to wind up the party.
 photo Screenshot-850.jpg

Ever taken pictures and later on, have no idea why you took them? That's not even Johnny's house. Keno is in pajamas again, or underwear, or something. What the heck.
 photo Screenshot-851.jpg

"Hey! Mister 4-star Celebrity! Kissing booth over here!" Keno hit 4 stars just before adulthood. Then I realized that the Opportunistic perk doubles rewards from opportunities, including celebrity points. Keno is now racing from 4 to 5 stars. Once he hits 5 then he'll move out with Don.
 photo Screenshot-853.jpg

Oh yeah, Don! I kinda forgot about the wedding. I decided to do the private wedding, and Don looks a little miffed about being forgotten for a couple of simdays too.
 photo Screenshot-854.jpg

Well, they didn't forget forever, right? Anyway, Don moves in for the time being too.
 photo Screenshot-855.jpg

It's time for a new generation of paparazzi, and two of them (one shown here) are Insane. They're always acting weird outside the house now.
 photo Screenshot-856.jpg

There's another casino (yes, another one) and Don goes there just for fun one night.
 photo Screenshot-857.jpg

It's a nice place.
 photo Screenshot-860.jpg

Even better!
 photo TS3W2013-08-0322-24-19-34.png

Holy carp, that's good.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0322-25-50-34.png

I'm amazed Crash hasn't sent a bunch of Family goons to beat the tar out of Keno, Johnny, and anyone else in the vicinity. Maybe he hasn't heard yet.
 photo Screenshot-858.jpg

I moved the sculpting bay outside to free up space inside. Johnny hardly notices when he sets himself on fire any more.
 photo Screenshot-861.jpg

Time to get those celebrity points rolling in. Beachy Keen has a really neat dance floor, including flames, bubbles, confetti and fog.
 photo Screenshot-863.jpg

I realized that if Johnny's willing to eat roach-sized bugs (and he does) then a bigger lobster bug should be just fine.
 photo Screenshot-867.jpg

This is really cute. He learned a couple of songs in France and sings them in the shower, or while waiting for food to cook.
 photo Screenshot-866.jpg

Enjoy your crazy long run up and down the mountain, Don! It takes FOREVER to get to his job, or home from it, or getting arrested.
 photo Screenshot-865.jpg

It's about time I got Don a makeover. His favorite color is lime, so all-green it is. And a haircut.
 photo Screenshot-870.jpg

Aw, Burton looks so nice! That's Johnny's grandson. Only child, and apparently only because I made his parents get it on before they moved out on their own.
 photo Screenshot-869.jpg

Johnny asks Keno to pose for an ice sculpture. It later melted. "Becuz I'm so HAWT!" Keno says.
 photo Screenshot-871.jpg

Should've worn different clothing.
 photo Screenshot-872.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-08-0414-38-46-33.png

 photo TS3W2013-08-0409-19-15-94.png

More dancing for celebrity points!
 photo Screenshot-875.jpg

 photo Screenshot-873.jpg

 photo Screenshot-874.jpg

Oh hey! Crash sent them a wedding present! That they can't use... because they live in the tropics.
 photo 1866a79c-6d00-4bc6-9c9b-4045f3a96b20.jpg

I wish I knew what caused these. Someone must've badmouthed someone else in the household.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0222-45-03-20.png

Well... it's something, I guess. An attempt at being criminal like his dad?
 photo TS3W2013-08-0321-53-06-05.png

Six more days? Jeez. That seems like a good return for a spa package.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0321-49-56-00.png

 photo TS3W2013-08-0322-18-47-12.png

Oh yeah, I forgot to list anything about Don (but I did take the pic, at least). So he wants to be a master thief! Maybe he's trying to sleep his way into the Capello crime empire and there aren't any daughters. He's also a Daredevil like Johnny; and a Klepto, which should mean random things will "appear" in the family inventory.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0322-02-40-01.png

Keno tried to troll the forums and nobody fed the troll. Good job, internet!
 photo TS3W2013-08-0408-09-36-99.png

Don got arrested on his first day of work. Granted, he was a decoy for the others, but this can't help on his resume.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0411-32-34-26.png

 photo TS3W2013-08-0411-35-50-66.png

While in jail, he makes friends (!) and decides to get a tattoo. Also to have a child with Keno. Don is a man of deep and varied passions.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0412-33-57-82.png

There we go. That's better.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0413-02-26-75.png

For some reason, the game wants him to go legit instead of being a criminal.
 photo TS3W2013-08-0414-53-25-77.png

More to come!
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