Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Big rig shuts down 9 lanes of traffic near my workplace, and I narrowly avoided it

According to one friend of mine, this made the national news. I could see the accident site from my cubicle at work. In fact, I must have left the highway right before the accident happened; when I was pulling into the parking garage, I noticed emergency vehicles up there. (It takes 10 minutes after leaving the highway to get into the parking garage.)

I had to take an alternate route to get back onto that part of the highway when I went home, but I actually made record time since 610 was still closed behind me. Only 50 minutes!

There were helicopters around for most of the day, and half the staff couldn't even get to work. Some of them were able to work from home. Others had to write off the whole day because it took hours to turn around and get home.
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