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Johnny Pandemic and the Creepy Stalker

Because I keep thinking "just five more minutes".

When last we left, Johnny Pandemic had had a near-death experience and instead decided to rejuvenate himself bigtime. His clone/son Johannes went to prom had had his first romantic experience (but not first kiss) with childhood friend/classmate Rigoberto Albrecht, and then a nice girl followed Johannes home one afternoon and seems to be making her move on Johannes as well. All of Johnny's nice high-value wants got erased but there's still lots to do.

Christal (sic) Shea stayed overnight, sleeping in her bra and boyshorts, and then to go outside she puts on this ensemble which looks like she doesn't have any underwear on at all. She's certainly got Johannes' attention.
 photo Screenshot-561.jpg

Uh oh. That's the "someone's not being faithful" notice.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2618-49-11-23.png

But is that really fair? He hasn't exactly asked either one to go steady.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2618-49-17-71.png

After breakfast, they go to see a matinee at the movies. What movie, you ask? The weepy tearjerker I'm Dying, Let's Dance. Not making this up.
 photo Screenshot-562.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-05-2618-50-19-13.png

Notice he now has the option "Confess to Cheating". No way is he going to do that. He's got a good thing going on! Even if he does have "Good" and "Family Oriented" traits. He's in his rebellious phase.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2618-57-56-68.png

And Johannes gets his first kiss. Rigoberto's got a lot of competition.
 photo Screenshot-563.jpg

All is well with the world!
 photo TS3W2013-05-2618-58-48-36.png

Dang, he's adorable, but then he's a clone of Johnny, why wouldn't he be?
 photo Screenshot-564.jpg

"So, Clarence. You'd better think of how Hilda feels if you want your marriage to stay intact."
Clarence is the laziest damn gnome ever. He only ever sleeps or watches TV. Poor Hilda Gnome.
 photo Screenshot-565.jpg

Just to show you all six gnomes at once.
 photo Screenshot-566.jpg

Johannes using the slip'n'slide with most of the gnomes in attendance.
 photo Screenshot-567.jpg

Then Johannes went into a hormone-fueled mood swing frenzy and proceeded to set the most booby traps and pranks ever possible. Like setting up the toilet and the sinks to explode, putting whoopie cushions in the couch and chairs, and a dye pack in the shower.
 photo Screenshot-569.jpg
 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-35-11-40.png

Then he egged a neighbor's house. D: Johannes! What happened to you! Is this because you weren't raised in an exclusive community of supervillains and mad scientists like your father/clonefather?
 photo Screenshot-570.jpg

Exploding toilet (and it happened after it was used...)
 photo Screenshot-571.jpg

Anyway, I figured Rigoberto ought to have a fighting chance here, so Johannes invited him over so they could go on a date too. Except it turns out that Rigo here is an adult. D: I really hope the thing at the prom was that Rigo was a senior and Johannes a junior, because otherwise this whole relationship got super, super creepy.
 photo Screenshot-572.jpg

He's not bad looking (honest) but I suspect he has the Childish trait.
 photo Screenshot-573.jpg

No, wait! He looks sorta like that one guy in that rom-com I can't remember the name of! Yeah, I know, that's really helpful. Okay, second guess is "the guy who was the boyfriend/fiance of the main character in My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
 photo Screenshot-574.jpg

 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-52-18-72.png

Johnny didn't mind a girl sleeping over (she slept in a different room from his son) but no way is he going to let an adult seduce a teenager on this lot. So Johnny is kicking up a racket with the mining equipment, making conversation impossible. Note they've changed into swimsuits, and there's a hot tub on the side of the lot. You know, even if Rigo was still in school at the time of the prom, he's now an adult and he should watch what he does.
 photo Screenshot-575.jpg

Johannes also gives a random coffee cup to Rigoberto, which cracks me up, because Rigo evidently wants Johannes so badly that he'll say anything.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-52-23-09.png

Still: creepy.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-57-24-68.png

Rigoberto came over to a teenage boy's house and they played on the water slide for hours in the cold. You tell me.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-57-46-58.png

The dye pack finally gets Johnny (but it clears up as soon as you get out of the shower).
 photo Screenshot-576.jpg
 photo TS3W2013-05-2619-26-17-00.png

"So, hey, Johnmonster! Mister Pandemic! Super Cool Dude! So like, I was wondering, you wanna hang out? It'll be all 'swell' like you say!" (I like to think he's making air quotes)
 photo Screenshot-577.jpg

Jeez, this guy's creepy too, though I know it's the eyes. He's actually a paparazzi.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2620-02-24-31.png

Time to go out and play? Johnny hasn't done thing one toward his LTW, all he's done is hell around and have fun, mostly. Still, I guess he ought to start working on it.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2620-04-16-35.png

"Johannes seems really rebellious lately. But soon he'll be an adult and then I can continue my carefree lifestyle of setting myself on fire and looting priceless French artifacts!"
 photo Screenshot-579.jpg

Monday finally rolls around and here's the frog avalanche.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2620-23-58-00.png

Remember last post when I said that Johannes really wasn't good friends with Johnny because they don't socialize much at home? I decided to correct that and start working on their relationship before Johannes adultifies and leaves the house. Then this popped up. Ouch.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2620-41-19-11.png

*sigh* This is not going to end well, is it.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2620-42-37-99.png

I finally spotted my first toddler gnome! Since Hilda's the only gnome-lady, the father has to be either Marcelo (the Latin lover?) or Clarence (lazy bastard). I'm not sure if it's cute or not. Oh, it's a girl named Rosemary.
 photo Screenshot-582.jpg

Johnny went skinny-dipping in the City Hall decorative water feature and someone stole his clothes! Fortunately he found a towel nearby.
 photo Screenshot-585.jpg

He then went to a restaurant, because as a celebrity, he never pays for his food, but everyone got into an uproar over his attire and he went home in disgrace (but not before cameras went off everywhere in the place).

Okay, he did have public woohoo too (in the science lab, of course) but still!

 photo TS3W2013-05-2621-38-49-84.png
 photo TS3W2013-05-2621-38-59-85.png

Back home, here's the whole gnome community. Guess which one is Clarence.
 photo Screenshot-587.jpg

My game finally cleared up the party problem I talked about last post, where sims wouldn't get the invite and couldn't find the party and everyone left as soon as mine showed up. Well, it's working again, yay! Check out the dude from Paul Revere and the Raiders.
 photo Screenshot-588.jpg

Back home, Johannes is making time with Christal, since she's his age and all.
 photo Screenshot-589.jpg

Then he checks the mail.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2621-48-29-09.png

Johnny now is part owner of five different businesses - both restaurants, the bookstore, the spa, and the grocery store.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2621-51-57-89.png

Old-school lulz.
 photo TS3W2013-05-2622-01-11-92.png

Johannes is due to age up within just a couple of days, and once that happens, Johnny's going to seriously work on his LTW, since it would be nice to get all those aspiration points and buy a never-age-again potion with them. But it sounds like he'll have to get randomly spawned very rare items (ugh) or build some simbots with aspiration points (ugh deux). He's got a problematic LTW, all right. On the other hand, inventing has left him with a very open schedule, which is actually pretty nice, since he can sleep when he wants to and work when the mood strikes him, and leave for tomb raiding in France whenever he feels like it.
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