Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Garage cleaning

4.5 big cans of trash going out. Two huge boxes of paper going to the recycler later in the week. Took 2 computer cases and an old subwoofer to Best Buy for recycling. Took a huge (working) TV and some other things to Goodwill for donation.

I tried to concentrate on just "garbage" type stuff - things I could safely get rid of - instead of saleable items like I usually do. We're backlogged on saleable items already and can't get any more in the house at this point. Some of the items I threw out were undoubtedly saleable, but would take too much effort to clean up and/or dispose of. And honestly we really, really just need to clear out the garage.

I did find a big bag of perfectly good yarn (still in the wrapper) and fabrics, and tabled those for later. I found my garden boots (!) which I think I can use for a costume idea later this year. I have a big bag of possibly vintage needlepoint yarn that I really don't know what to do with. I have needlepoint mesh, but mostly the yarn is this ugly beige color - background color maybe, but not something I want to do a whole design in. I'm really torn between dumping it all, donating it, or figuring out a use for it, so it gets to sit for a while yet.

There's still a lot to do, but I feel very proud of myself for getting so much out. I know my parents will be happy about it too. They're on a birding trip out West and saw 16 new species in one day and I am so, so jealous and wishing I was there.

~ ~ ~

In science news, a lost city that was discovered in 1940 and then lost again has been rediscovered in the Honduras.
Tags: big year 2013, cleaning, science

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