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Sims 3 Johnny Pandemic for download

He's already in that icon there, looking amazed at whatever's above him. And now he's available for download!

Johnny's been played in a couple different games so far, one on a tropical island where of course the villain headquarters, The Lair, is set in a skull-shaped mountaintop on a volcano.

Johnny's generally cheerful and upbeat and, yes, loves being outside no matter what the weather.

Being a Daredevil, Johnny will do things like eat palmetto bugs to show off how extreme he is.

"Polynesian rug devils! Gotta love how they crunch!"

He seems somewhat more nervous about snow and cold and ice.

But daredevils will do stuff like this, yes they will!

But hey - SCIENCE! one's UNDERWEAR!

...dang he is so pretty

Back on the tropical island, Johnny is a 3-star celebrity, which means he has paparazzi stalking him at all hours of the day and night to take his picture, even at public restrooms or at the spa.

He's apparently famous just for being cute, because he doesn't have a job and has only sold a few widgets (he's electrocuted himself once and set himself on fire a couple times, though, so maybe that's it?).

Here he is riding his Vespa around France. <3

Johnny's traits are Daredevil, Eccentric, Genius, Loves the Outdoors, and Adventurous. His LTW is Make 3 Monsters, which was the only one that came up that seemed appropriate, and I wanted to do something a little less obvious than Mad Scientist (since Betty Pandemic already did that). I created him when I had World Adventures and Ambitions, but I don't think I had Seasons then. Just a note, sims created on a machine with Seasons don't seem to load well to games that don't have Seasons (something to do with the outerwear clothing category as near as can be told).

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