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The Secret World - The High Cost of Haircuts

In The Secret World, I felt like the reddish hair I originally gave Johnny was a bit too garish. So I sent him to the barbershop for a makeover. It took $200k for a color correction and new style. D:

This is his previous haircolor/style:
 photo phmV2_picture000_zps04a68274.png

This is the new look:
 photo JohnnyNewHair01.png

I can't get good pictures of my own alt in-game, so I'm kind of stuck. iceraptoress' Crash Capello thinks Johnny looks a lot more scruffy. That's appropriate, since they spend all their freakin' time killing zombies in Maine. I can't wait until we get to the last zone in Maine where it will probably be some other kind of zombies before we can go to Egypt and fight bandage-wrapped zombies for a change of pace.

Sam Krieg is TSW's Steven King analog, and he hates everyone, but especially people who come around to help him kill zombies and bring him booze and canned goods.
 photo JohnnyNewHair02.png

However, these are also the only other pix I was able to get of Johnny's new look. And Toly for the first time said "Is that a shadow or is he wearing a chinstrap beard?" It's the latter and he's had it since day one, thanks for asking!
 photo JohnnyNewHair03.png

The icon on this post is actually from The Sims 3. This was his thumbnail in the sim bin and it tickled my funny bone.
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