Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly Craft Update

This week I'm still working on the pirate sampler. I hope to get it done before spring break (whereupon I can have a new project to work on).

In the grand tradition of the world map, here's last week's progress:
 photo pirate_01-31-13_zpsd92f65f3.png

And this week's:
 photo pirate_02-07-13.png

I'm really amazed how much I got done in one week. I had no idea! This is why weekly photos is a good idea.

The arbitrary cutoff in the middle is the bottom of that page of the chart. I want to do everything on that page before going to page 2. The spyglass does look curved, that's because the fabric isn't evenly tensioned on that side at the time of the picture.

The cream color is still a bear to work on, but I've had a few days of good outdoor lighting at noon to work on it. Next will be a light tan, equally difficult to see on the tea-dyed fabric. When I can't work in full daylight, I work on the darker colors. Of course, there's still backstitching to take place too.
Tags: craft update, pirates!, xstitch
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