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I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I had some good progress on restoring one of my grandmother's crewelworks. I'm not sure when she did it - probably at latest in the 1970s or early 1980s - but she was sewing and crafting from decades earlier. It's a scarlet macaw, really wonderfully stitched, great texture and colors. But she put it in a cheap plastic frame with no glass.

When she and my grandfather died, I asked for all the stitchery and crafting materials, and I got just about all of it. The macaw had some stains and the fabric looked dirty, so I removed the frame to clean it. That's when I discovered that it had been stuck to foamcore all these years. (I've tried google-image searching and can't find this exact pattern anywhere. Huh. Nice to see it might be unique!)

I tried peeling the foamcore off but the adhesive still stuck to the fabric, so I let it go for a few years. Yesterday I took another look, and Pixie and I were able to remove everything off the fabric - I guess I just had to let it age!

Using a weak solution of Dreft and water in a tub, we sloshed it around for a while and gently rolled it in a towel to absorb out most of the water. There was no color bleeding (whew!) and the fabric does look much cleaner. However, there are three small, resistant, obvious stains. I'm hesitant to use bleach, but stain removers aren't doing much.

Mom said she would take it to be dry-cleaned to see if that would help. On the other hand, it already looks much better. It'll have to be ironed and re-stretched and mounted, but at least now it's closer to being in condition worth showing.
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