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Pandemic Legacy 1.4

Archives are here.

Continuing the story of founder Betty Pandemic and her family. Lots of aging up, multiple appearances of the Grim Reaper, 200% more derpface!

When last we left the Pandemics, older son Tremendous had ageified into a teenager with devious eyebrows. Younger son Worldwide is right to be nervous.

If I didn't know Tremendous to be a good, friendly, artistic genius, I'd be worried.

His LTW is max writing/painting skills, and he had that at an early age, so he's already got a good start. He also got a hair/eyebrow makeover and white everyday clothing.

Poor Betty Pandemic (our founder) hates the outdoors, so of course her job requires her to go fishing and gardening all the time. She also only works three or four days a week, so if things aren't absolutely perfect at work, it can be a while before she gets promoted. But at least there aren't friends requirements for work any more!

Betty's live-in ex-lover Cycl0n3 Sw0rd escapes the house once in a while to go socialize and play more chess. His LTW is max logic/handiness skills, so hitting the park and playing chess with strangers seems to help him on multiple fronts. Betty and Cyc haven't done anything romantic since the big blowout, despite my trying to help.

While Cyc enjoys a free lunch, Death shows up to ruin the party for other people.

"Is that fried chicken? Potato salad? And those little, whadyacall, parker house rolls? I'm in!"

Tremendous strides by in the background, frowning at Death's over-gauntness. Death really does need that picnic lunch.

"Mind if I join you?"
"Feel free, Mr. Reaper! Don't mind my dad, he's soooo over-dramatic."

"Whoa, is that Death? Man, I hope he's not here for me." But at least Betty is dressed for it! (And I have no idea when she changed into formalwear to go fishing.)

Tremendous is okay with all of this. He's young and he's going to live forever. What's some stranger's death to him?

The nerd club comes out in force to watch the chess match. That's Worldwide in purple, playing against Cyc.

Toward evening, Worldwide ages up, hopping off the swings to do so. He and Tremendous have very different facial structures, which is cool! Variety!

One purple makeover later... (yes, his fave color is still lilac, but I like deeper colors better)

Tremendous continues his painting to raise his fun.

Worldwide goes on a quest for the elusive female teens in this 'hood. Seriously, where are they? Oh, and he finally got a LTW. It's Perfect Mind/Perfect Body, which is max logic/athletic skills. So I gave him the Athletic trait upon aging up, to help him out.

Omni Plants. I've heard of those in other people's stories, but Betty hates the outdoors so much that I started having the men of the house keep up the garden so she can avoid doing it any more.

It's very cool that they can visit friends now. Not so cool that their friends' houses are waaaaay better than their own.

I didn't notice this having any real effect, but then my sims live lonely personal lives, barely dealing with anyone they don't have to. Probably nobody noticed either teen being any different.

Betty finally gets a want to kiss Worldwide now that they're both almost elders.

And they get this far, but again, that's it.

Does Worldwide have some kind of death curse that only affects passersby? Is he wishing people into the cornfield?

One of Cyc's friends (not his ex, who seems to no longer be his ex) asked him to write a fantasy novel.
1. Fantasy novels take forever to write.
2. They're supposed to generate the most revenue, but man, for the time involved...
3. I really wanted Cyc to keep working on his pentalogy that started with The Lion of the North, so the fantasy novel became an erotic fantasy novel. A personal erotic fantasy novel.
(Toly: "Those are the best kind!")
It's titled Hot Buttered Elves.

Betty and Cyc had the same need to boost Handiness skill, her for work and him for his LTW, so they would upgrade and fix things alternately. I never noticed that Cyc got all the toilet work. That's Betty's doing, I'm sure.

A burglar strikes, but this time they're ready. To be honest, they've been stockpiling a lot of cash, so maybe that's what lured the burglar.

Hahahaha! Does this really work? "Stay there and don't run away, I mean it!"

And everyone was exhausted, too, so you can understand Tremendous' sulking rather than freaking out.

The reason they're saving up the cash is because whichever boy becomes heir, he doesn't have a career LTW. So if they have enough cash, he can just work on his LTW and get married and stuff.

Betty gets her LTW! Woo! Now she no longer has to go outdoors at all if she doesn't want to. Also, no new LTW as yet. I used her points to buy the collection helper aspiration reward, FWIW.

I don't know when she picked this up, but I've seen it in other people's stories and what it does. Hmmm.

Cyc gets one of the two LTW requirements down. Now he just needs to play chess all day and he's good.

Herpy Derpday, Cycl0n3!

Crazy happy or just crazy?

A full sim-hour of derpface later:

While the chess club cheers, Cyc is shocked and horrified to see he's turned into a jowly old woman.

Back home, Betty refuses to make derpfaces on her birthday (that's so mainstream).

She does smile for once, though! Tremendous is PO'd that he had to leave his beloved painting.

Still, his mom is happy about something (she's actually just upgraded the toilet), which is nice.

And Betty too gets a seriously ugly wardrobe "upgrade". Both she and Cyc got wardrobe fixes after this. Betty never made herpy derpday faces.

Lastly, they spent some extra money to add another room to the house. Right now it just has the exercise equipment, because it's faster for Worldwide to pump iron at home than jog to the gym and back, even if he loves jogging. Now he can stumble from the machine to the shower to bed.

Worldwide is well on his way to achieving his LTW early, too.

And that's the end of that session. Both boys really need to get a wiggle on in the mate-finding department. It looks like there will be an heir poll unless one of them finds a girlfriend. Stay tuned!


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Jan. 8th, 2013 01:58 am (UTC)
I love that Betty never made the derpface. (I also love the stray Toly-commentary.)

I don't know which boy I'd vote for heir. Tremendous has the best brow ever, but Worldwide has an awesome name.

The "rebellious teen warning" alerts don't have any game effect that I can tell (or that I have read). However, did you know that you can dye a Sim's hair, and that becomes thei natural, inheritable hair color?
Jan. 8th, 2013 02:37 pm (UTC)
It's a tough call on which one should be heir. But I'm very frustrated that there aren't any teens around. I'd hoped they would at least show up after school, but no dice. Since all the sims now age, I can't plan ahead and pick out specific sims to marry off the kids to. It's a challenge.

I'd heard that about the hair. Both boys originally had black hair, but I changed Tremendous to a redhead for variety.
Jan. 11th, 2013 02:18 pm (UTC)
I think you have generations installed, as I've heard that Generations is what causes the scrapbook and the rebellious feelings and everything.

Very nice, though!
Jan. 12th, 2013 01:16 pm (UTC)
No, I don't have Generations yet. Just basegame, World Adventures, Ambitions, and a couple of stuff packs.

Thank you!
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