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Yesterday I finished cutting up all the jeans I have for the jeans quilt. One of them was a below-the-knee denim dress I've had for probably 15 years but haven't worn in 10. I've kept it all this time because it was pretty and had embroidery on the top front, but honestly, I didn't intend to ever wear it again.

And yet it felt weird to cut it up. I did save the embroidery panels, though I'm not sure how or what to make of them. And the dress itself gave me big pieces of fabric, so I can use those for the big squares on the quilt.

At this point, I need to find that pattern and start cutting the raw materials down to squares and strips. Then *gasp* actually start sewing them together! Assuming I have enough to make a twin-bed-sized quilt, that is. I need to at least make one that big. It would be great if I could make two, one for each kid, but first things first - find the pattern!

I also tea-dyed a piece of evenweave, because Imp got me a pirate-themed xstitch pattern for Christmas, and the tea-dying gives it a nice antique tan color with some irregular mottling.

I need to put together my "crafts to-do list for 2013", I guess. Things are kind of piling up.
Tags: crafts, xstitch
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