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Pottery time!

Pottery time! During her visit here, iceraptoress and I went to the Potter's Wheel to do pottery. It was great! Below the cut are the pre-fired pix. :)

The day we went to Potter's Wheel was the day for no fees on paint or firing - we just had to pay for the base pieces. That's about $7 off for each piece. I did two pieces because I wanted one for me and I decided to make one as a gift for the mother-in-law. I really don't know what she likes, and she's so far out in the boonies that I honestly don't know what gift cards would be useful to her.

Anyway! So I did a butterfly for her and a little bitty bowl for me.

Both pieces are two-sided, effectively; the butterfly is meant to hang on a wall. I did some detail work and I hope it comes out nice, or I'll have to pony up for a GC anyway. >_>; As for the bowl, I think the outside is going to look great.

The bowl is tiny (here's my hand for scale) so it's going to be used for spare needles and paperclips and stuff like that. I think I got a little carried away with the inside.

iceraptoress chose a very nice sunflower wall hanging. I think that one will be gorgeous when done. It'll take a week before I can pick them up, and then I'll have to ship it to her (maybe with Christmas gifts :P ).

This last isn't pottery, but we also went to the Container Store. Men won't get it, but damn if that store doesn't push womany buttons. I didn't even know I needed those things or that they existed until I went in there, but I knew I needed them! However, I was very good and only bought two things, both of which we really needed: a new set of (metal!) measuring spoons, to replace the beat up old plastic ones; and a high quality leakproof thermos for Pixie, who wants to take soup or ravioli or other such items in her school lunch.

But I took a picture of this because it was so neat! Colorful stuff! :D

And actually that reminds me that it's time to go pick the stuff up. I couldn't go this past weekend because I was sick.
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