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I listen to audiobooks or lectures on my commute, and because my car dates from the 20th century, I get to use the library's collection of cassette tapes (and probably throw off their weeding plans since someone's actually checking those out). I'm listening to a set of tapes about American history, and the lecturer sounds like a grandpa, and he really brings it to life (especially the parts he lived through). I thought I should look up where he is now and drop him an email about how much I'm enjoying his lectures.

Turns out he died a few years ago, but he was well loved by students and faculty alike, says his obit.

I wonder if his family has copies of his lectures. It's a little creepy, listening to them now that I know he's dead, which makes little sense as everyone listens to lots of other recordings of now-dead people and nobody gives it a thought. I guess because he seems so full of life in the tapes? I don't know. I just feel sad that now I can't tell him how much I liked his work.

One moral of this story might be to drop a line to someone you admire, and tell them how you feel, before they're gone.
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