Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Myshuno Fic: Muffin To It (Vagabond BACC)

For the Myshuno card here.

Title: Muffin To It
Setting/Characters: Vagabond BACC, Fanta Fiore
Prompt: opening a business (silverbelle1220)
Wordcount: 116
Warnings: There's a bad pun at the end

Fanta Fiore was ready to start her new business. She'd already made plenty of candy, so baking seemed a natural next step. There were no baked goods shops here in Nuevo Marrow, so there was a possible market, if she got there first.

Fanta would concentrate on muffins. They were a popular food item, classic, and so versatile. And so easy to make special with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, cocoa or cinnamon.

She even hired an employee in readiness for customers clamoring for the great taste of muffins. She and the employee spent half a day setting up the shop just right for the grand opening, with a bold, outdoorsy decorating theme.

How could the Mighty Muffin Powder Rangers possibly fail?
Tags: bacc: fiore/darkmoon, bingo
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