Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Myshuno Fic: One Man's Trash (CoH Sims, Season One)

For the Myshuno card here.

Title: One Man's Trash
Setting/Characters: CoH Sims (Season One), Ramon Jeffries as a teenager
Prompt: Middle name (porkwithbones)
Wordcount: 144
Warnings: None

Ramon Jeffries was technically a Junior, which he disliked. To his parents' credit, they'd never called him Junior. Ramon had always determined that any sons he might have would have totally different names.

On top of having the same two middle names as Dad, they were weird middle names. Who chose names like that? Ramon always mashed the initials together and said his middle name was Scott. That was a bland white-bread name everyone knew and could spell and pronounce, and nobody ever asked where it had come from.

Ramon himself didn't ask where his middle names had come from, because his question could be mistaken for interest, and he wasn't interested. Okay, he was interested, but only in a derogatory sense. Otherwise, he'd rather not know. Ramon Spring Charismata Jeffries. What had he or Dad done to get saddled with names like those?
Tags: bingo, coh sims
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