Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Some more writing accomplished

Another 2 pages of the post-meeting fic (those involved know what I'm talking about) for CoH. Only another 4 to go! Whee! x_x; You'd think just taking chat and making it storylike would be easy, but no.... Heads up to folks expecting anything like my other CoH fics: It's very dialog heavy, even with the bits I'm adding.

But! I'm already planning everyone's individual missions (I guess that's what I should call them). I'm not handing them out for a couple reasons - Christmas, of course, plus I want to get the post-meeting fic written and posted so everyone has a record of what was said and discussed. So it'll be a few more days, at least, until those get sent out.

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah! Hi anthoras! What possessed you to Flist me? ;) I've Flisted you back, if that's ok...

Going to bed momentarily, since I'm still sick.

Oh, some good news (again)! I'm down to 144.5 pounds! Sweeeet! Haven't seen that in months (maybe a year?)! So that's extremely cool - and that's a couple hours past dinner, too. Only 4.5 pounds to Goal #1! (14.5 pounds to Goal #2, which will take, oh, probably years to achieve)

Also, Toly is up to 1600 auctions on eBay! He's all caught up from Thanksgiving! Yay!

*yawn* off to bed.
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