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The Exciting Adventure of Ruthless Xavier Sarsparilla and the Slot Machine

More City pix, plus a story arc. For those City players who may or may not want to know about it - it's the Slot Machine arc, which is an unlockable one and thus you won't come across it unless you have the Gangbuster badge.

A warehouse with a chop shop... I'm going to miss the maps that we've all basically memorized. Warehouse space is cheap in Paragon City. That's the only reason I can think for so many villains renting them for bases.

Johnny Pandemic (me), Black Watch Commando (Toly) and Alatan (porkwithbones) defeated some Devouring Earth (evil sentient plants) attacking civilians. But we couldn't free the civilians. I know Johnny's a villain, but... darn it, we should have an option to free them!

Ow ow ow! This is a still pic, but the guy's head was rotating around like a carnival attraction. It was so dang creepy.

On to Ruthless Xavier Sarsparilla, who plays on Beta server. What's this young lady recreating, do you think?

OFB meets COH!

To get this arc, you have to defeat 200 Marcone Family bosses, who are only found in Marconeville (and sometimes in Villa Monstrose) in one zone in the Rogue Isles. It's not hard, just a grind finding them. When you accomplish it, you get the Gangbuster badge. Being at least level 30 and having that badge leads the Slot Machine to contact you.

I snapped the mission text windows, but not much of the actual fighting, since still pix of fighting aren't that interesting, nine times out of ten.

Here's what Slot Machine looks like in "person".

I love the Freakshow names. Though I did expect to see "Step 4: Profit!"

The next mission involved rescuing some people from the Carnival of Shadows. Since this is a Teen-rated game, what the Carnies were going to do with their "private show" is pretty vague.

I'm more concerned that the guys all look alike. IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

Well, this is different.

Yes, there are typos and misspellings... since the game is effectively closed and all the devs were let go, it's pointless to report them now. :( Besides, I don't think spelling fixes were high on the list of priorities.

So here's High Roller. He's looking pretty good for an older gentleman. Remarkably buff, in fact.

Xavier was in stealth mode and accidentally outran High Roller.

"Grrrr!" is from all Xavier's animals. It's funnier if you imagine it as a person says it like "gerrr!"

This sounds kind of... smelly? Like a compost pile?

Don't we all feel like this?

This sounds like Slot Machine, or someone controlling it (but more likely Slot Machine) is self-aware. Maybe High Roller created it? It seems to care for him, and it wants him to be rescued.

Poor guy. :(

I feel bad for both of them now.

(This is what it looks like before you complete the arc.)

And then... it's done.
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