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Afternoon update

Was a gorgeous day today, which we couldn't take advantage of because my kids are sick and need rest. :( I've actually got the windows open again to air out the house...

K's Buddy appears to be actual-factual lost. I've called 2 grocery stores, the mall and the zoo (had to leave a message there, everyone's out for the holiday) and no luck. There's still the van, I guess, and any bags we've used lately, but I don't hold out much hope ATM. At least we have the other one, but the nice thing about having two was that I could wash one of them while she had the other one...

Trying to take some extra calcium to stave off mood swings.

I hate removing the rind from Brie. I have lately succumbed to the addiction of melted Brie with apple slices, esp. for lunch, since it combines protein/calcium/fruit/fiber/vitamins without a lot of effort and boy does it taste good. But I hate removing the rind from Brie cheese. It's just annoying. >_< Peeling apples, sure, no problem, but cheese? Eh. (Plus Brie rind is just weird.)

I want to go back to Salt & Sweet (the Polish restaurant) so bad... My folks are going for Christmas Eve dinner and oh, how I envy them.

I think my weight around lunchtime was 145. Go me!

Plans are afoot for the next Androfic. I'll probably skip CoH again tonight. Lately at night I'm having a lot of trouble with drops in CoH (but not anything else). Grr. Probably my own fault for not rebooting often enough, or something.

Great backstitching progress today. Might get some more done, too, we'll see.

Dinner: browned ground beef + 1 cup elbow mac (decarbed, pre-cooking) + 1.5 cup shredded Cheddar cheese + spaghetti sauce = what my family calls goulash. It bears no resemblance to actual goulash. But you know what? It's what we've always called what is, in essence, macaroni beef skillet, and everyone likes it.


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Dec. 22nd, 2004 10:22 pm (UTC)
YOu don't eat the outside of Brie? We've always eaten it!
Dec. 23rd, 2004 03:09 am (UTC)
I eat the rind on brie. It is mould, but it is edible mould, that's why it's a bugger to remove. Stop making me want brie.
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