Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly Craft Update

Weekly craft update time! And a new character on the MI2 sampler!

This week the characters are across the top. Wally the Cartographer is mad as hell and he's not taking it any more!

He's actually hanging from chains in that part of the game, so I'll have to add those or a bar or something for him to hang from. If you're like me, you see that loose thread across his nose and think that's why he's mad - it's tickling him! XD He wears a monocle, which is why he has one huge eye.

Next over is Herman Toothrot who is meditating on philosophy. I didn't stitch for a couple days this week or I might've finished Herman. It's funny, when I'm stitching this, I often can't see the overall pattern because I'm too close to it. But in the photos, I can see how the colors work so that the viewer has no trouble seeing Herman's crossed legs.

Obviously, Herman will be done next week, and I'll be on to the next character. But there's *lots* of empty space and I'll feel weird about it all. :/ So I pulled down some more sprites, of items in the game, and I'll take a look at those next week too. I'm a little worried about size of the item sprites, but there's some biggish empty spaces here too. And a couple of monkey sprites to hang off the ropes, like the one I'll eventually stitch in for Guybrush. Of course, then I have to pick *which* items. A skull seems appropriate, and maybe some voodoo pins and some gold coins. I guess it'll depend on size and type of item. Fun for next week!
Tags: craft update, monkey island
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