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When the new computer arrives, as I've said, I hope to put both Sims 2 and Sims 3 on it. I'd like to get started with Sims 3 again. It's really about time to do so. I'll have to get some EPs and probably at least one SP, and find all the mods and hacks, and figure stuff out, but... it's time.

However, I want to finish up the BACC, because I hate leaving things unfinished! ;) That's what's kept me working on old cross stitches and Monkey Island fics and stuff - it stays in my mental to-do list until it's DONE.

So, the BACC will continue as long as a computer will run it. I recently hit 5000 population, 1/10th of the way there! XD Not much longer now, right? Actually, as soon as I get some sims to Tycoon, I can get at least x15 multiplier. Those business districts really help.

Another reason to move on to Sims 3 is I've really done just about everything I could do with Sims 2, at least, the stuff that interests me. I've done four legacies to completion, the Uglacy Challenge, a few Round Robins, a poverty challenge, a Matchmaker for One challenge, bachelorette challenge (male and female versions), etc. The DITFT sounds sorta neat, but not enough to grab me. After the BACC, there won't be much left to do.

But there's still one unfinished thing on the pile, and that's CoH Sims. I always had big plans for Season Three. Season Two was getting bloated with characters and plot, and Season Three was going to cut back and wrap everything up and have a Big Dramatic Ending. The problem now is... it seems like a lot of work to do what I wanted to do. Lots of posing. Special sets. Lots of time setting things up. And I just don't know if I want to do that. Maybe if I'd done it a few years ago, but now? Especially when I'm still working on a BACC? I can do one or the other, but not both.

So, I'm considering writing out Season Three of CoH Sims as a purely text story. It would be faster, as I have more free time to write than I do to play sims. I wouldn't have to worry about posing or sets. ;D And I could finally get some closure, especially with City itself going away. :/

I figure there are a few people who would still care enough to read Season Three, though it's such an old story now that it likely wouldn't have a big readership even if I did it in sim form. But I'd like to get this off my mental to-do list and finish story I set out to tell all those years ago.

~ ~ ~

Another thing I'd like to do is put my sims stuff - the legacies at least, the Tellermans in particular - in dead-tree form. I know Lulu will let you print your own books (for a fee of course). I know I have to get them in PDF form, which might be tricky, since these are a weird form of graphic novel instead of a standard-sized comic book, or text with a few illustrations. Trying to arrange the sometimes oddly-sized photos and text so everything is still clear - well, it would take some work. But it could be done.

Again, I'm probably the only one who cares about this - but darn it, I want to keep these, especially the Tellermans. I'm proud of them and want to have something for when Photobucket, LJ or the Internet closes its doors.

That's the state of my sims playing right now. Also, I got one more household done last night, so there'll be one more BACC post before I get heavy into City when the new machine arrives. :)
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