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Weekly World Map, week 35

Well, believe it or not, I think I only have another week to go on the World Map! I really wanted to finish it last night, but there's a little more that needs doing.

So, here's last week's progress pic:

Now for this week's. I got that hated bottom border done! Woo! And while the design says to backstitch a pattern onto the bottom border, I looked at the package illustration and decided I didn't like how it looked with the backstitching. That also saved me some time, but I just didn't like the backstitched look. (You can see in last week's pic how I started doing it.)

Other stuff that got done this week: the gold thread (barely visible, harder to work with than Japan thread) on the... holy crap, I've blanked and can't remember the term for that cartographic feature. O___O Anyway. The gold thread is there.

I also started work on the rightmost, and final, border. As I've said previously, I'm cutting down the side borders quite a bit from the original design. Once that's done, then I can backstitch it, finish the corners, and finish backstitching on the left corner. Then gold beads on the left and right borders (I have to double-check if there's any on the bottom border). Last of all, put my name or initials, and year, in the right plaque.

All the things in that previous paragraph are made more difficult by the frame being just barely big enough to hold the work at this point. I really don't want to do the final parts in-hand, but I might have to take the snaps off the sides so I can work on the borders more easily.

After that, I just have to wait to win the lottery, or for someone *cough*Mom*cough* to pay to get it framed for me, probably in lieu of a Christmas present, even with a framing coupon for a store, since they mark up their framing about 300% and thus a 60%-off coupon is nothing to them.

tl;dr One more week! Watch, now I'll probably be unable to work on it most of next week and be unable to finish. :P
Tags: works in progress, world map, xstitch
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