Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Pixie the crafter

Pixie hasn't just been baking lately; she's also doing lots of crafts. This one we're especially proud of.

This is from a little kit given to her, I believe, by iceraptoress as a Christmas present. All the materials were in the kit. We've been saving a lot of these little crafty things for summer vacation, since the kids have so much free time then.

This little bunny is filled with some kind of weighted stuff to give him a little heft. The eyes were supposed to be black stitches, but Pixie chose instead some shiny black beads from my stash. She cut and sewed the whole thing herself without any help - I didn't realize she was even doing it until she asked if I had any beads.

And here's the back, complete with fluffy white cotton tail.

Not bad for a first try!
Tags: crafts, pixie
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