Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Plans for tonight

Made dinner (BBQ chicken, rice, noodles for the kids, peas, and fruit cocktail - and I ate too much). Now to work on more laundry, then get the gift photos assembled, wrapped and boxed, then to wrap a couple more gifts for my bro's oldest daughter (the one by his ex) whom I forgot to send gifts to when I shipped the rest of the family's stuff last week. Oops. At least she's easy to shop for - she likes cheap flashy jewelry (age 9) - it's really awful when a 9-year-old looks like a living Bratz doll. Bro has no real control over this since he gets custody every other weekend and some holidays, and the ex has her the rest of the time...

Also need to : get a shower; probably should write something; maybe do some CoH depending on who else is in, 'cause I don't feel like playing alone tonight; finish up the Xstitch. Plus the chores mentioned above.

Still feeling blah. Blah blah! ;P
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