Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Weekly World Map, Week 34

World Map update time! I got so much done this week!

First, the obligatory "last week's photo":

At the time I said I figured the bottom deco would take about 3 weeks, based on the progress I'd made that week. Well, this week I made great progress, as you can see below!

Progress points made:
- backstitching in the top border. Yes, it's lots of long straight lines. Easy peasy!
- all the bottom deco, backstitching, finished!
- bottom border, backstitching where possible, finished!
- left border (this time visible, last week it was covered up), backstitching where possible, finished!

What remains:
- beads and gold thread (will be done last)
- bottom border, obviously.
- right border, which I'll probably work on next. It's the same as the left border, pretty easy stuff.
- once the side borders are done, I can finish their backstitching as well. What I'm not looking forward to is trying to do the borders when they're that close to the frame. Ugh. Once the side borders are done, I can also finish the upper corners and their backstitching.
- monogram/signature in right panel.

I'm really happy with how much I got done. The backstitching makes the design just come alive. I also like how the Chief in the lower left looks mildly dissatisfied. "Yeah, I got an outie belly button, what's it to you? I don't feel like doing anything today. Get me a beer."

I had originally projected another 8 weeks to finish. Obviously the 3 weeks I'd estimated for the bottom deco was an overestimate, since I got it done in one week. I'd love to get this done in less than 8 weeks, because I have other things to work on - the Christmas ornaments need finishing, and then I have two gift WIPs that should really be done by Christmas as well. And let's face it - there will always be new projects in mind.

In related xstitch news, I've been charting the Secret of Monkey Island characters for a future SoMI chart, like the LucasArts sampler. There's 12 characters I'd like to use in it (making for a rather big piece - I'll have to calculate how much space I'll need) and I've completed 8 of them. It'll still take a while to finish them, and then of course I've got to get the material and start the stitching...

And I think this would be cute to stitch for Pixie's birthday/Christmas present.
Tags: works in progress, world map, xstitch
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