Laridian (laridian) wrote,

I stayed home sick from work today, and it did me much good in getting over this bug. I slept much of the day and I think that, plus not being in an icebox of an office, helped enormously. Of course, tomorrow I'll have to go back to the icebox. :/

Meanwhile, I've gotten more done on the new planet for the BACC. All the townies and PT sims are in place/townified. Some of the playables are in houses and correctly set up. So maybe this weekend I'll be finished and ready to actually play again.

LOTR is Pixie's favorite movie (the whole trilogy - we count it as one movie) and so of course we're all looking forward to The Hobbit in December. It'll be near her birthday, so she wants a LOTR/Hobbit party. I figure pie and cake, and scones for lembas bread, and tea. But she wants a cake of Bag End, and I'm not sure I can manage that. (There are plenty of images out there if you want to see what "bag end cake" looks like.)
Tags: lord of the rings/the hobbit, movies, sick
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