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Vagabond V.2 update

With the discovery of tentacled monsters on the planet Vagabond, it was decided to evacuate the planet except for critical personnel. The townspeople of El Marrow were given choices: move to a new world, move to Earth, or stay on Vagabond and run risks. (The rumors that the green and purple tentacled monstrosities were manmade are, according to authorities, entirely false.)

Many people chose to go back to Earth, especially if they had come from there in the first place, like Amber and Yulian Wilder, or Rael and Benita Killane. Many others chose to take their chances on one of the other colony worlds.

The majority of El Marronians ended up traveling together to the same colony. There, they were given a patch of land with roads and utilities already in place. Thus, Nuevo Marrow was born.

Of course, not all Nuevo Marronians came from Vagabond; colonists from elsewhere are also in the mix. But it's good to have familiar faces living nearby, especially when family and friends may have gone elsewhere, and you're not likely to ever see them again.

Nuevo Marrow is on the planet Fomalhaut b (beta), orbiting Fomalhaut, the "mouth" of Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish, as seen from Earth. Fomalhaut b has more Earth-standard seasons, and a notable lack of big predators. Other Fomalhaut colonists have brought pets, some of which have gone stray or feral.

The trip was fairly quick, through the Portal system. But for many people, leaving everything behind to start a new life elsewhere, especially when it wasn't in your plans, is stressful. Some people have taken a strong look at their lives and decided to make changes. Others' dreams have been dashed. Relationships have changed. Can families handle the breakups?

~ ~ ~

The meta part:

I kept everyone's aspiration, and if I remembered enough about their personality, roughly tried to recreate it. Born-in-games are stuck with 25 personality points just like before. Everyone got random personalities if I didn't remember something like "oh yeah, this one's real grouchy". I will try to get them their original LTWs but no guarantees.

Some sims were permaplat and I will grant them that after I set up their households. I'll also give all college grads their diplomas, since it will impact their careers. I'm also going to put recessives in for those b-i-g's that require them. Bernard and Aete's girls, for instance, all have black hair, so I'm not worrying about their recessives. But Johanna and Nate Winkle's kids are a mix of red and blond hair, so I'll need to put recessives in for them. Fanta's mother was a green-eyed redhead, so Fanta should have those recessives. Etc.

The following sims are not transferring to Nuevo Marrow:
Amber and Yulian Wilder - only a week left of their lives, and I'd rather think they went back to Earth.
Rael and Benita Killane - same thing.
Georgia O. Keefe and Lou Darkmoon - Lou was no spring chicken, and I like Georgia's sister Josie better anyway. So Josie stays, and Georgia and Lou go off to another planet together, I guess.
Jonathan Howard - I blame him for the glitchiness! Plus I want Ingrid to try for someone new.
Dragonwing Starchild and Maddie MacPherson - moved back to Earth as elders.
241-B and Freddie Pharkas the Frontier Pharmacist Bigfoot - Freddie is a Vagabond-native creature, and 241-B stayed behind to keep Freddie company.
David Blake, his live-in nanny, and the twin girls from Morgan and David - moved somewhere else because I wasn't interested in them.

This is about 15 people removed from the total count. However, I have added a few playables to counter it:
Michaela (PT sim) married Ulysses Blood
Two households adopted kids in transit
Spirit Reddie was captivated by Aeneas Blake's charisma and moved in with him
There is an existing house for the Care of Wayward Teens, which is a full 8 people (two caretakers, a bunch of PT kids, yay!)

This is 12 people, and I have to add 3 more, so I'm debating what to do for one last household of 3 people. I was going to make another big family but then I'm out of parity. The entire reason for this, of course, is because then I don't have to change the total sim count!

The sim count and multiplier will stay the same. All the shops and business districts created before the Tentacle Invasion still count, because darn it, I placed them and played them!

This will continue in "week 7" with Fanta's household, since I already played week 7 for Jody Wilder (with his family), Sammy Killane (with his family), and the Andros household. Which reminds me, I'll also adjust people's ages where appropriate, as I get to each household.

I did try to keep relationships intact where I could. The Killanes are still all related, since Riley and Max hadn't decided on spouses yet. So they were created with Sammy's household and are still his siblings. Most of the Wilders are broken up, though, due to their sheer number. Jody and Ingrid are the only ones created in CAS as siblings. I'll try to keep the cousins from marrying for at least one generation. After that, though...

Still to be done:
All the SimPE work (recessives and name fixes)
Add some more Pixel Trades
Fix people's amount of money (the Keefes brought truckloads of cash, but the Halloways were in debt before they left, and it didn't go away)
Put people in households so they can visit each other
Make townies
Add a university (we'll need one and I earned it in the first go-round)
Add vacation subhoods?

Any questions? Suggestions? Words of wisdom?
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