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Vagabond BACC, week 6: MacAulay

In this part of Week 6, we finally see Fyrus, based on (seidoo_ryuu)'s City of Heroes character, become playable! Yes! After all these months!

Previous installments are here.

Sims today include those by seidoo_ryuu as noted above, swampyclouds, and paperposies.

But let's back up just a bit. This week is actually about gorgeous Rayne Starchild, adopted daughter of neo-hippie DW Starchild. Rayne's LTW is Celebrity Chef, and she's a Pleasure sim, and of course she's wanting to get to dating.

Fyrus attracts her attention first.

That's appropriate, since he's a fire scrapper. XD

"Let me just - it's right there - would you stop wiggling? We'll never get this grit out of your eye if you don't hold still."

Well... shoot. I was hoping Rayne and Fyrus would be "it". But usually these blind dates end up in three-bolters. So, let's go for it.

I'm not showing it, but it was the very glitchy Jonathan (paperposies), who immediately canceled the date. X_X So that was that! Back to Fyrus!

(You can see poor Jonathan on the left - he's had a rough time while I've tried to fix his glitchiness)

Prof. Seraphine Bennington gets down!

Rayne asks Fyrus on a date, since Jonathan didn't work out, and Fyrus takes the aisle seat, presumably so Rayne has to sit across from him. She vaulted over him (no kidding, she literally jumped over him) to sit next to him.

Fyrus: mac and cheese. Rayne: lobster. Sounds like beer budget and champagne tastes to me!

Get out of the way, server lady!

Rayne has two bolts for Fyrus, which is pretty good, and she's hot, so... c'mon, guys!

"Yes, I like strong women. Can you bench-press a bus? Shoot lasers from your eyes? Command undead ninja soldiers?"

Too much Axe body spray!

It's not a dream date, but it's still a great one.

Rayne continues the theme of "save up for a better house" (this is actually David Wilder/McMilligan's old house). Fyrus drops off a single rose.

Neighbors show up! Most of my sims are at work when this happens, seems like. That's Lucian McLachlan, David Blake's live-in nanny who I forgot the name of, and Nate Winkle (swampyclouds).

"My wife's a police officer, and she says this town is secretly controlled by organized crime!"

Yay, hacky-sack. At least it gets them all talking to each other.

One night not long after that, Rayne invites Fyrus over. Fyrus asks if he can bring his friend too. Against her better judgment, Rayne says yes. And look who it is - Jonathan again!

Rayne has had enough of that and invites Fyrus to move in instead.

Jonathan, we can't miss you if you don't leave! "But you invited me!"

Hot diggity damn! :D Fyrus already has the correct LTW (be a hero)! He has a terrible career, but that's easily fixed.

He also has a well-stocked inventory, but with inexpensive items. Seven yogurts, for example, or two sets of stationery. Nothing big-ticket. I think Fyrus is used to living on a tight budget. I just realized, all the non-playables are shopoholics.

Rayne gives Jonathan a little sugar to make him feel better, then sends him on his way.

I think Fyrus is more old-fashioned than I suspected - he won't touch Rayne inappropriately. No matter how much she wants it. >_<;

Wait, which one of you was friends with a Hula Zombie? Actually, wouldn't that be a neat name for City of Villains? Hula Zombie. Not sure what powerset that would encompass, but, y'know.

This neighborhood is almost all filled up!

Gotta build up that body skill, and rope for jumping is free. And he looks so happy!

Queen of the Sporks would be another good City character name! But more awesome than that is the extra money. Nice house, here we come! But not until Monday morning, to keep the week on keel. (When JL Verde kicked Hoagie out, it was on a Friday, and I had to keep fixing the day of the week for him, it wouldn't stay on Friday.)

You know, why not? Let's take a look at that in Week 7. Rayne would like it too. That means I need to generate some vacation townies though.

Soon, Fyrus! Soon you'll be flying (or leaping) across El Marrow, defending it from evil!

Haven't seen this in ages.

Monday morning brings a nice new house. Check it out!

Already furnished, and with room to spare. Nice!

"We should start planning the honeymoon right now!"

And that's it for Rayne and Fyrus. (Fyre Rayn!)

~ ~ ~

Fyrus' actual secret identity is Aiden MacAuley, hence the household name. The household's taxes are $6842 after moving in. Adding this money to the existing college fund of $292,775, we have $299,617 for the next university.

The population is at 130 sims x 31 SM = 4030. (+1 for Fyrus)

Households: 22. (Dorms don't count; apartments count as one household no matter how many families)
  1. Wilder
  2. Killane
  3. Andros
  4. Fiore/Darkmoon
  5. Keefe
  6. Blake/Blood
  7. Teflin/Ash
  8. Starchild
  9. Winkle
  10. Wyclif
  11. Graham
  12. Bennington
  13. Halloway
  14. McLachlan
  15. Bernoulli
  16. Verde
  17. Odds & Ends
  18. Pickle
  19. Howard
  20. McMilligan
  21. Jack
  22. MacAuley

Community Lots, POB: 47
  1. Killane Grocery (10)
  2. Wilder Dairy Mart (10)
  3. Benita Bodyworks (1)
  4. Daily Bread (10)
  5. Church of St. Drogo (1)
  6. Hall of Oddities (0)
  7. El Marrow Community Park (0)
  8. World of Fish (10)
  9. The Bottique (10)
  10. Max Fashion (10)
  11. Blue Casket (10)
  12. Potholder Palace (6)
  13. Mighty Meaty Mart (10)
  14. Fruitopia (10)
  15. Chapter 11 (10)
  16. Mustard Seed (10)
  17. Electron Hut (10)
  18. For The Ladies (10)
  19. Eat Shiitake (10)
  20. Curl Up & Dye (4)
  21. Chuckle Hut (0)
  22. Barre None (5)
  23. Ill-Gotten Gains Pawnshop (10)
  24. Frontier Pharmacy (10)
  25. Police Station (0)
  26. Pane y Vino (10)
  27. El Marrow Fire Station (0)
  28. Killane's Rest Cemetery (0)
  29. Mirror, Mirror (4)
  30. Telefun! (0)
  31. Statuary or Bust (0)
  32. Andros Holy Ground (0)
  33. Fiore/Darkmoon Cemetery (0)
  34. Sunset Cafe (0)
  35. Keefe Art Museum (0)
  36. Keefe Architect Building (0)
  37. Gas Station (0)
  38. Space Invaders Arcade (0)
  39. Watermania (0)
  40. Bernoulli Experiment Disposal (cemetery) (0)
  41. Bigfoot Coffee Shop (0)
  42. SoFa SoGood (5)
  43. Recliner World (4)
  44. Mattress World (4)
  45. Stove & Range (1)
  46. Aggressive Appliances (4)
  47. Starlight Bowling (0)

Community Lots, NPC: 5.
  1. Calavera Cafe
  2. Willow Springs Cemetery
  3. City Hall (doesn't count toward the total number of community lots)
  4. Salvador Limones Military Base (ditto)
  5. El Marrow Theater

47 POBs plus 3 community lots = 50 lots! We need two more Tycoons to open 2 more BDs.

We also have a stored, free community lot! Which I haven't placed yet.

Business: Unlocked. Tycoons: 3 (Rael Killane, Lou Darkmoon, DW Starchild [tycoons may have moved to new careers though].)
Athletic: 1 open
Culinary: Unlocked.
Architecture: 4 open, 2 occupied (Jessica Halloway, Ingrid Wilder).
Military: Unlocked, 1 general (Josh Teflin).
Education: 1 for every 250 population; functionally unlocked at this point
Slacker: 1 open (reserved for Adam Wyclif), 1 occupied (Milo Keefe)
Criminal: 1 open
Law Enforcement: 3 open, 3 occupied (Johanna Wilder, Aete Bernoulli, Fyrus MacAuley)
Oceanography: 2 occupied (Suzi Keefe, Lynn Andros)
Adventure: 1 reserved (Gayle Teflin)
Science: Unlocked.
Medical: Unlocked.
Politics: Unlocked
Journalism: 1 occupied (Eve Wyclif), 1 open.
Entertainment: 1 occupied (Jack Andros).
Dance: 1 occupied (Lucian McLachlan)
Intelligence: 3 open.
Music: 1 occupied (Hoagie Pickle)

Business Districts unlocked: 3
Universities unlocked: 2

CAS sims (unused) at week 5: 42.

Fires: 14. (Another Law Enforcement slot opens at 15.)
Burglaries: 3. (Next Law Enforcement slot opens at 6.)
Alien Abductions: 4
Deaths: 4. Fresca Fiore, Morgan Blood, and Chyna Ash; also the first nanny. Ted doesn't count since he was dead when he got here.
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