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Vagabond BACC, week 6: Jack Andros

More Week 6. This time it's following Jack Andros, son of Dean and Lunis.

Previous installments are here.

Jack is the sole sim as of Week 6 to have maxed Charisma before adulthood, which makes him the only sim eligible for the Entertainment career track. The only reason this matters is because another sim (one of the Keefe girls) needs a maxed Entertainment sim to get her own career opened. So, Jack got into the Entertainment career for her sake, but he really wants to go into science. Patience, Jack.

Jack also wants to move into a nicer place, but his career comes first. He spends the cool morning hours painting (yes, in the dark).

One of the ranks in Entertainment is, yes, a mime. So he's a Jack-in-the-Invisible-Box!

The stove shop is still off-limits and probably permanently bugged. Good thing Jack isn't going there. :/

Hey, nice hair!

Townie Deanna seems like a winner.

That is such an unflattering default top. It makes every woman wearing it appear to have a muffin top. >:(

I wish Jack could intervene. Poor Deanna.

While Deanna is robbed, the rest of the customers dance blithely on.

Has this ever resulted in the Charlatan getting caught? Or should I even bother having sims report the robberies?

While Deanna is pretty nice, I want Jack to have a few options open. So after he leaves, he contacts a few people just to be friendly.

Well! I guess it's Deanna or nobody, then!

Jack (I keep wanting to write Dean) is also doing the "don't improve the current house, save up for the better house" thing, but the Entertainment career does grant a big salary, at least.

What sort of roles do you think he's in? I think it's international thrillers.

But still, he dreams of science, and his army of evil clowns that will destroy his enemies.

And... he's done! Already there. Wow. And he has to stay there until the Keefe girl gets her job, which will be at least another week.

He can conjure up spoiled food while cooking it, too!

"Okay, but... I want to do science!" As soon as I can, Jack.

~ ~ ~

Because Jack didn't marry anyone, and he still has the same surname as his parents, I named this household "Jack". If he gets with Deanna, then he'll probably take her surname. (It's just easier if every household has its own name instead of "Wilder 1 and 2" or "Andros 3 and 4" and so on.)

Jack's taxes are $4557 and he hasn't moved into a nicer house yet. Adding this money to the existing college fund of $288,218, we have $292,775 for the next university.

The population is at 129 sims x 31 SM = 3937. (no change)

Households: 21. (Dorms don't count; apartments count as one household no matter how many families)
  1. Wilder
  2. Killane
  3. Andros
  4. Fiore/Darkmoon
  5. Keefe
  6. Blake/Blood
  7. Teflin/Ash
  8. Starchild
  9. Winkle
  10. Wyclif
  11. Graham
  12. Bennington
  13. Halloway
  14. McLachlan
  15. Bernoulli
  16. Verde
  17. Odds & Ends
  18. Pickle
  19. Howard
  20. McMilligan
  21. Jack

Community Lots, POB: 47
  1. Killane Grocery (10)
  2. Wilder Dairy Mart (10)
  3. Benita Bodyworks (1)
  4. Daily Bread (10)
  5. Church of St. Drogo (1)
  6. Hall of Oddities (0)
  7. El Marrow Community Park (0)
  8. World of Fish (10)
  9. The Bottique (10)
  10. Max Fashion (10)
  11. Blue Casket (10)
  12. Potholder Palace (6)
  13. Mighty Meaty Mart (10)
  14. Fruitopia (10)
  15. Chapter 11 (10)
  16. Mustard Seed (10)
  17. Electron Hut (10)
  18. For The Ladies (10)
  19. Eat Shiitake (10)
  20. Curl Up & Dye (4)
  21. Chuckle Hut (0)
  22. Barre None (5)
  23. Ill-Gotten Gains Pawnshop (10)
  24. Frontier Pharmacy (10)
  25. Police Station (0)
  26. Pane y Vino (10)
  27. El Marrow Fire Station (0)
  28. Killane's Rest Cemetery (0)
  29. Mirror, Mirror (4)
  30. Telefun! (0)
  31. Statuary or Bust (0)
  32. Andros Holy Ground (0)
  33. Fiore/Darkmoon Cemetery (0)
  34. Sunset Cafe (0)
  35. Keefe Art Museum (0)
  36. Keefe Architect Building (0)
  37. Gas Station (0)
  38. Space Invaders Arcade (0)
  39. Watermania (0)
  40. Bernoulli Experiment Disposal (cemetery) (0)
  41. Bigfoot Coffee Shop (0)
  42. SoFa SoGood (5)
  43. Recliner World (4)
  44. Mattress World (4)
  45. Stove & Range (1)
  46. Aggressive Appliances (4)
  47. Starlight Bowling (0)

Community Lots, NPC: 5.
  1. Calavera Cafe
  2. Willow Springs Cemetery
  3. City Hall (doesn't count toward the total number of community lots)
  4. Salvador Limones Military Base (ditto)
  5. El Marrow Theater

47 POBs plus 3 community lots = 50 lots! We need two more Tycoons to open 2 more BDs.

We also have a stored, free community lot! Which I haven't placed yet. I just realized that I should place it ASAP for the SM. Doh!

Business: Unlocked. Tycoons: 3 (Rael Killane, Lou Darkmoon, DW Starchild [tycoons may have moved to new careers though].)
Athletic: 1 open
Culinary: Unlocked.
Architecture: 4 open, 2 occupied (Jessica Halloway, Ingrid Wilder).
Military: Unlocked, 1 general (Josh Teflin).
Education: 1 for every 250 population; functionally unlocked at this point
Slacker: 1 open (reserved for Adam Wyclif), 1 occupied (Milo Keefe)
Criminal: 1 open
Law Enforcement: 4 open, 2 occupied (Johanna Wilder, Aete Bernoulli)
Oceanography: 2 occupied (Suzi Keefe, Lynn Andros)
Adventure: 1 reserved (Gayle Teflin)
Science: Unlocked.
Medical: Unlocked.
Politics: Unlocked
Journalism: 1 occupied (Eve Wyclif), 1 open.
Entertainment: 1 occupied (Jack Andros).
Dance: 1 occupied (Lucian McLachlan)
Intelligence: 3 open.
Music: 1 occupied (Hoagie Pickle)

Business Districts unlocked: 3
Universities unlocked: 2

CAS sims (unused) at week 5: 42.

Fires: 14. (Another Law Enforcement slot opens at 15.)
Burglaries: 3. (Next Law Enforcement slot opens at 6.)
Alien Abductions: 4
Deaths: 4. Fresca Fiore, Morgan Blood, and Chyna Ash; also the first nanny. Ted doesn't count since he was dead when he got here.
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