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A couple of xstitch finishes

A couple of finishes from last week. There is Backstory behind these!

I was browsing the free patterns at Rainbow Gallery, which is a cross stitch thread manufacturer. I know the LNS here carries them, but the pricing is a little beyond my reach for a project that doesn't require a whole lot of it. Still, I really liked a couple of their patterns, so I picked out two for my kids.

The charts were originally from the Alphabet series (W is for Whale and the Williamsburg Stitch, for example) - each chart gives you a set of monograms and a new stitch to learn. Neat! I found F is for Fox and O is for Owl. Since my kids both love foxes and my daughter is a budding birder, both of those worked for me. :)

However, I heavily modified the charts and materials used. I had some pale gray-blue Aida in my stash, and both kids like blue anyway. I changed the borders around and came up with new designs for those.

Next, I used DMC thread for, well, just about everything except the shiny bits on the owl and leaves, which are Kreinik #4 braid. The fox is supposed to be with a fuzzy yarn good for animals, but again, I couldn't justify buying a whole skein of that for just one piece. I also changed some colors around.

Then I printed out the monograms from other Alphabet charts and had the kids cut out the letters, then arrange where they wanted the letters on each chart. Then I pasted them (this was all by hand - it was easier that way, trust me) to match the kids' names. Lastly, I stitched their names (using the monograms/fonts in the Alphabet charts) to personalize them.

Final pieces, with names blocked for privacy:

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