Laridian (laridian) wrote,

Big Year 2012 update

On last week's vacation, we were able to add the following new species to our Big Year list:

American crow (actually, we saw this one much earlier, but realized we'd never added it to the list)
Wild turkey (multiple instances, including a tom we flushed from cover by accident)
White-crowned sparrow
Rufous-sided towhee (western race) - I'm still going by my bird guide, even though Wiki says the names have changed.
Eastern phoebe
Turkey vulture

We honestly expected to see more variety of wild birds. But at the ranch, there were a zillion northern cardinals. They were larger than back home, brilliant scarlet red, and even the females were prettier, a gorgeous bronze. So it was great cardinal country. But we were hoping for more and different species.

I also saw a great blue heron on Sunday. We already have great white heron on the list, but there's argument whether they're separate species (bill morphology and so on) or separate color morphs. Not sure whether to count GBH or not.
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