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BACC: Vagabond, Week 5: Wyclif

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Continuing the new households of week 5, we turn to Adam Wilder, just starting out on his own.

Featuring sims by trappingit, nekotaz, iceraptoress, and chillyzgrrlsims.

Adam, whose LTW is Celebrity Chef, tells Eve (nekotaz) about how he uses oregano and cilantro and other herbs to spice up his foods.

Yes, Adam is going to marry Eve strictly because of her name. And why not?

Sheesh, I guess that's why not. Well, love will probably conquer all, right?

It's a little creepy, yes, but I had Adam start befriending Eve when he was still a teenager, so that no time would be wasted upon his transition.

Guess what, Eve? That career is open! There's exactly one slot for it, and I know there's a playable sim somewhere that also has that LTW, but firsties and all that.

Adam stretches his $20k from his parents a lot farther than his sister Johanna, but then, he isn't planning on a big family like Johanna.

Eve comes to the household with a decent job, but I have her quit as soon as the Journalism job opens up.

Oh, well, that explains why Eve has only $1000 in cash. She has a lot of stuff.

How much cologne does one woman need? And look at all that makeup!

Even dressed up, Adam looks like a teenager.

He's not super enthused about getting married (he's a Romance sim) but his mom Amber (iceraptoress) won't be happy about any of her offspring living in sin.

So, off to St. Drogo's, where Adam gets engaged against his will.

And at long, long last, someone buys coffee! Dean is so happy!

I guess they have to fortify themselves for what's about to happen.

You may be wondering about surnames at this point. I don't want a dozen Wilder households in El Marrow. So all but one offspring will have to get a new last name. If their spouse is a PT sim with a surname, or a townie, then they will take that last name, like with Johanna Wilder marrying Nate Winkle.

But Eve doesn't have a last name per se (it was "October" because she was from that month of PT founder submissions). So I came up with a new last name for them. They're Adam and Eve, so what goes with that? Fig leaves, of course. But "Figleaf" is a weird last name, so I picked one that sounds close: Wyclif (wick-leaf if you've never heard it pronounced). So, Adam and Eve Wyclif!

I also like to see who shows up to the weddings.

And after the ceremony (more fears fulfilled for Adam), it's back to normal: Adam finds a job in the Culinary career, then hangs around in his underwear with Benita Killane, watching Hell's Kitchen and saying he could do a better job than any of these poseurs.

Oh holy crap!

Whew. I guess it was just gas.

Autonomous tooth-brushing!

They've done the deed, but Eve refuses to make out. Ever. "Get off me, you perverted freak!"

Their firstborn is a boy named Kain, of course. Blond like either parent, Eve's green eyes.

Not much else happens for a few days.

Then Kain becomes a toddler. Adam and Eve really need two kids, probably three, just to increase the population.

Those look like Eve's features.

"Oh, hey! You're my father-in-law! Nice ta meetcha!"

Yulian (trappingit) just wants to make sure all his many offspring are doing well. Boy, he's pale. And look at Kain's nose! Holy cow. It looks like some cartoon elf's nose from the 1930s.

Having learned from Johanna's parental visit, Adam invites the whole family over.

After all, there's already birthday cake!

And smustling!

And one of many Wilder kids tucks Kain in.

The party spills outside for a while - see Ingrid about to smack Abigail's ankles into the brick wall.

Later there's more smustling, and J Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt (chillyzgrrlsims) can't help joining in, dancing on the sidewalk.

The next day, Eve tries to fix a broken robot (I don't often have toy robots around to do this).

And, yep, she's pregnant again. They also hired a nanny, because both Adam and Eve have jobs. Yes, it would be entirely appropriate for them to go into Natural Science and run around in nothing but fig leaves, but it's unlikely to happen.

~ ~ ~

Guess I have to start doing these at the end of every household, or I'll forget.

The population is at 67 sims (Adam already counted, but we add Eve and Kain) x 21 SM = 1407.

Households: 10. (Dorms don't count)

Community Lots, POB: 20 (no new lots added)
  1. Killane Grocery (10)
  2. Wilder Dairy Mart (10)
  3. Benita Bodyworks (1)
  4. Daily Bread (10)
  5. Church of St. Drogo (1)
  6. Hall of Oddities (0)
  7. El Marrow Community Park (0)
  8. World of Fish (10)
  9. The Bottique (10)
  10. Max Fashion (10)
  11. Blue Casket (10)
  12. Voodoo 'N' Things (1?)
  13. Mighty Meaty Mart (10)
  14. Fruitopia (10)
  15. Chapter 11 (10)
  16. Mustard Seed (2?)
  17. Electron Hut (5?)
  18. For The Ladies (10)
  19. Eat Shiitake (10)
  20. Curl Up & Dye (4)

Community Lots, NPC: 4: Also did not change.
  1. Calavera Cafe
  2. Willow Springs Cemetery
  3. City Hall (doesn't count toward the total number of community lots)
  4. Salvador Limones Military Base (ditto)

20 POBs plus 2 NPC businesses means 22 total community lots.

Business: Unlocked.
Athletic: 1 occupied (Morgan Blood)
Culinary: Unlocked.
Architecture: 1 open, 1 reserved (Angry Rabbit Starchild)
Military: Unlocked.
Education: 5 open
Slacker: 1 open
Criminal: 1 open (reserved for Laverne)
Law Enforcement: 1 occupied (Johanna Wilder), 3 open
Oceanography: 1 occupied (Suzi Keefe), 1 reserved (Lynn Andros)
Adventure: 1 occupied (Lou Darkmoon)
Science: Unlocked.
Medical: Unlocked.
Politics: Unlocked
Journalism: 1 occupied (Eve Wyclif).

Business Districts unlocked: 2
Universities unlocked: 2

CAS sims (unused) at start of week 5: 12

Fires: 10
Burglaries: 2
Alien Abductions: 3

The Wyclifs pay $278 in taxes, bringing the total to $71,115.

Next up: Some Andros households.
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