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Continuing the college kids' time and ending with graduations and engagements and some surprises, all right.

Archives and stats are here.

Fortyish pix. Appearances by sims from chillyzgrrlsims, madame_ugly. A streaker (they're still at college).

Senior year finally gets underway. I want them to have something to do (e.g., skill) after leaving college, so I don't have them do much, but man, college takes forever. So I feel justified in not sending everyone to college, just some teens.

Bernard might actually be fun to hang with (though he has an angry streak, I think). Laverne... well...

Oh, I love the new name generator!

Hoagie's love/hate partner Mildred the Cow shows up and causes trouble all over the place.

Resulting in: Cow vs Cheerleader! I think the cheerleader won.

Yep, the Downtown requests are kicking in, but I noticed: it's all women now, and all asking for Bernard. Hmmmm.

Girl, you're dancing for the wrong guy here. Little Deer's not interested in what your mama gave you.

By the way, remember how Angry Rabbit wasn't friends with anyone when her household first started? They've now been through life as teens together, and 4 years of college, and Little Deer and Angry Rabbit still aren't on BFF terms like they are with everyone else.

Mildred returns and hits on Bernard (!) while Hoagie's in the room.

Bernard is rightly repulsed, and Mildred might be a smidgen sorry about doing that in front of Hoagie, who can't figure out whether he's mad at her, or admiring of her enormous brass... udders.

Angry it is! The lovers' quarrel takes place in the kitchen, so everyone can see and hear it.

Mildred's not ashamed. That's just how she rolls, baby.

Rabbit, meanwhile, is actually good friends with Laverne, which I hadn't expected. Laverne's not the sanest one in the lifeboat.

The one portrait that got painted the whole four years: Hoagie in his undershirt. Go you, Hoagie! Live the dream!

Little Deer, like all the dormmates, has gotten pretty good on guitar over the college years.

But college is now over and they're on their last 72 hours of campus time before heading back to El Marrow. (At last!)

He invites his boyfriend Lucian over for some big news. First, Little Deer is changing his name after graduation (and we'll find it out when we get to the household after college). Lucian says he'd love Little Deer no matter what his name.

Then Little Deer proposes! Lucian is surprised, like all recipients of proposals.

Naturally, he accepts.

Somewhat late in the relationship, a first kiss. Little Deer's new at this sort of thing.

Hoagie decides there's other cuttlefish in the sea, and starts fishing.

Rabbit (who will also change her name after graduation) invites Rodger Madison (olivethegreat) over for a quick visit also.

And another ring is given, and another proposal accepted!

I know I've posted about her name before, but it's still funny!

I was so preoccupied with the proposals that I didn't pay attention to the other three, and Bernard passed out next to the bed. Well, that's a college activity, isn't it? Passing out?

Little Deer invites his mom, her wife, Lucian, and one of the Jingleheimerschmidt teens (who is by chillyzgrrlsims) over for the grad party. That's Lucian there.

And here's Little Deer. It's always weird seeing them in the grad caps.

The stereo (which I put in inventory because it was driving me nuts) comes back out for the party. There's John J. or J. Jacob, I forget which, in the white shirt.

Rabbit graciously comes out to talk to the guests.

Which is good, since Little Deer bought a big bed just for the occasion, and he and Lucian celebrate graduation in their own private way.

It weren't just the roof gettin' raised.

Totally oblivious, the party goes on. I guess the stereo and guitar and party noise drowns out any sound from behind those paper-thin walls.

Jeez, Rabbit, it's your brother! At least hug him.

And off goes Little Deer in a snazzy suit.

Shortly thereafter it's Rabbit's turn to graduate, and I realized one thing that bugs me. Every sim-girl who graduates has their hair all pinned up inside the cap. I remember seeing loads of girls (usually blond) who had their hair down at graduation.

Rabbit and Rodger celebrate their party outside in the ... hey, wait a minute! What's going on back there?

It's JL Verde (madame_ugly) making out with Hoagie. Um. Wow. They knew each other?

I guess they do!

Rodger and Rabbit, you guys are tame compared to Hoagie and JL.

Everyone else is smustling in the kitchen.

And another fantastic party comes to a close as Rabbit heads back to El Marrow.

Then the dormies start showing up, and the first two are secret society members. I'd better get the next batch in here quick.

Bernard already took off, but I forgot to get a picture of him leaving. Here's Laverne's adult outfit, which is a little too formal for everyday wear. I need some crazy-lady clothing for our budding criminal mastermind.

The new batch of kids, from left to right: Ulysses Blood, Fanta Fiore, and the Killane kids, Riley, Max and Sammy. They'll get to have their time in the sun, don't worry. (and new clothes!)

Lastly, Hoagie moves out. You know what? He needs an Elvis jumpsuit. I should look for one.

Whew! That's nice. Now it's time to get back to El Marrow and start up all the new households...

Holy crap, I have 10 sims waiting in the bin? Week 5 is gonna take forever!

~ ~ ~

OK, time for a quick roundup before I dive into all these households.

College kids don't pay taxes. But I reinstated the "20k handouts" at the beginning of week 5. Otherwise, the kids not going to college wouldn't have any money when they moved out, and I didn't want to do the lovely parting gifts routine, because I'd have to move them in and out of lots and blah blah blah. Enough last names are now the same that familyfunds can't tell the difference between them.

So! Little Deer's graduation from college unlocks Science as a career, which is good, since he and Bernard both have LTWs for that.

Hoagie needs a music venue to accomodate his LTW. I don't know yet whether he'll own one or whether it'll be a community lot (all these households guarantee a couple of free lots).

There's exactly one Criminal career slot, so Laverne gets it.

The population stays at 63 sims x 21 SM = 1323.

Taxes are not complete because I never wrote down what the Blake/Blood household paid, so I need to go figure that out. But it's a respectable sum even without them.

As of Wilder, Week 5: 17072
Killane: 14582
Andros: 16303
Fiore/Darkmoon: 6686
Keefe: 3437
Blake/Blood: ?
Teflin/Ash: 5219
Starchild: 7229
Total so far: $70,528

I'll be glad when the mixed-last-name households get straightened out, I'm not happy with how many of them there are.


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Jan. 24th, 2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
Oh, JL is so going to LOVE those shiney pants, Hoagie.

(she would also love Elvis drag--so be careful!)

Jan. 25th, 2012 01:07 am (UTC)
I've actually been looking for the white Elvis jumpsuit, but no luck so far. And I have the name of Hoagie's future band. Maybe he and JL will end up together?
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