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BACC: Public Works and How to Pay For Them

So now that the Keefes, or anyone else with a similar scheme, can come up with University-level money within a week or two, I put some thought into the taxes.

Now, the bills the sims get every few days are the utilities, I figure - their "taxes" for roads, sewer, power, etc. So the taxes I'm deducting every week can be used for something else.

Then I started making a list of all the possible business ideas for the town, and I realized that there are a lot that just don't make good business models for a POB. Things like:

- a hospital
- a police station
- office buildings for the architects, lawyers, and business tycoons

Then there are the shops that don't really work under the OFB "sell tangibles" model. Realty agencies, carpet and flooring stores, plumbers, roofers.

So, my list of business ideas was split into two:

- POB definites (examples: sports equipment, beds, lawn & garden)
- community definites (examples: hotel, prison, U-Stor-It)

POB-type shops will be, naturally, POB. A sim can easily run a bar or a candy store. Community shops will include everything that doesn't really generate income under the OFB model. Of course, when you can only get "free" community lots per every 4 households, or by purchasing and running them, you are limited in what you can make, and I intend to use my "free" community lots to make more restaurants.

Yet a real town would have a fire station, a hospital, and so on: Important things that everyone would agree a community needs. Therefore, the taxes will go toward paying for these community lots. Very rich sims could conceivably pay for some of them (Dean could sponsor the St. Drogo Community Hospital, for example) while others would just be for the good of the town (El Marrow Police Station).

Tax-paid lots won't count toward the total number of community lots, just like City Hall or the military base. I'd probably download them as shells or not-very-functional lots, just to place them, because it bothers me that we can have police officers in El Marrow but no police station or jail (and they've arrested a burglar, so where did they put him until court date? And they need a courthouse too!) We're getting a few Business Tycoons together; they must have a corner office in a tall(ish) building somewhere.

This gives me a reason to keep taking the taxes, yet it helps the town grow, without a sudden explosion of buildings. I might name all the taxpaid lots with the prefix El Marrow, as in El Marrow Hotel, El Marrow Office Suites, etc. Subhoods would, of course, need their own taxpaid lots, but they need people to live in them for that to happen (no taxpayer base = no taxes!), and I want to fill up El Marrow first.

The total taxes will determine what can be bought. If the taxes are, for example, $50,000 in total, I can buy $50,000 worth of community lots - enough for a gas station or an office building, certainly. Or I can save up for bigger, more expensive lots. This should add an extra dimension, as I plan what taxpaid buildings to add. Plus it should make the neighborhood look more complete. I'm looking forward to trying it out.
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