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BACC: Vagabond, week 5: Keefe

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When last we left the Keefes, Milo and Suzi had two darling daughters (Georgia O. and Josie) and a couple of cats (Kahlua and Cinnamon) and a head club that really brought in the cash.

Cameos by sims from madame_ugly, seidoo_ryuu.

Warnings: tastefully obscured sim backside, and inappropriate sim "excitement". Sixty or so pictures.

Returning to the Keefe household, we find Georgia O. (middle name variable) wants to teach the cats lots of things.

Both Georgia and kid sister Josie both end up wanting to be besties with Abigail Wilder, which probably says lots about Abigail.

Or about the Keefe girls, since Abigail keeps threatening them with jail time.

Speaking of Josie, here she is! She's cute!

And here's Josie getting thoroughly grossed out by her dad's *cough* interest in her mom.

The Blue Casket is the only venue that makes money and gains ranks. It has a new problem, too: it's exhausting to Dazzle that many customers into buying tickets.

Still, if El Marrow's finest are in on it, I guess nobody's going to bust up the Casket or stage a raid, huh? :/

The biggest problem is keeping Milo or Suzi busy while the customers are getting stoned out of their gourds. So they have a few things to play with.

"Lookin' good, brah!"

So here's what I figured out: Dazzling customers takes a lot of energy. So the solution is an espresso machine! But enough espresso and Milo/Suzi really needs a comfort station. So I put a urinal outside. You can see where this is going, right?

"C'mon, man, I gotta get me some, you gotta help me, man!"

"I really hate to bring this up, Officer, but have you considered Swedish underarm crystals?"

Meanwhile, back home, Suzi gives Josie some motherly advice.
"See, if you kiss your elbow, you'll turn into a boy."
"No way!"
"It's entirely true, Josie. Be careful."

Josie is horrified. You won't catch her trying to kiss her elbow any more.

The reviewer seems to like the place too. I should be happy, but it's kind of depressing.

She does like it! You know what? This town should be bankrupt. Seriously, everyone should be strung out and broke and the authorities closing in.

That said, Suzi hits up JL Verde (madame_ugly) to go on in.

Eventually Milo and Suzi put in a third bubble machine to accommodate everyone.

So the next thing, of course, is that after the urinal, an outdoor shower would be handy. But everyone ends up using it, including Fyrus (seidoo_ryuu). On the other hand, this does keep the customers around longer and thus spending more money...

And an indoor toilet for the ladies. This is when I realized, if Milo or Suzi brought leftovers with them, they could stay for, like, a week at a time. Eat the leftovers for food (or order pizza on the phone), use the toilet and shower when necessary, drink espresso for more energy. The couches can be used for comfort (no napping on community lots), and there's plenty of socializing, either here or on the phone. They have an easel set up for fun. Yes, technically the bubble machines would bump up social and fun, but Milo and Suzi only sell it, they don't use it.

I love that random name generator.

"When I grow up, I'm gonna have a band, and it's gonna be all girls, and we're gonna call ourselves the Pussycats!"

"Dad! Dad! Can I start a band?"
"Well, I guess so, sure."

Suzi goes back to work. Because of the espresso-toilet-shower-etc. plan, the Keefes are making money hand over fist. Therefore, their goal this week is to hit one meeelyun dollars and open a second university. (BACC rules state that a rich sim with a million bucks can open his/her own private university.)

A side effect is higher rank, so more customers can hang out, so that just makes the cycle longer.

Milo uses the 8 am to midnight shift(s) to build up friendships for his LTW, which is 20 Best Friends. During the wee hours, he keeps busy in other ways.

Whatever gets him through the night.

Things were going pretty good for the Keefes, but then there was a problem with Milo's bass guitar. He'd always been able to use it previously, but on about Wednesday of sim-time, either he or Suzi tried to play it, and the game crashed. I didn't worry about it for a while.

But then I couldn't even go into their lot. When I tried, the game crashed. So you know what happened?

Suzi and Milo decided it was time to move up in the world and also avoid the midnight visits from unsavory characters. So they sold everything, moved out and had the lot bulldozed just to prove a point. Then they moved into a swingin' midcentury pad nearer the beach.

This was a lot I downloaded from MTS, which as a whole lot of these. It's pre-decorated and pre-furnished, my favorite kind of lot.

I did change the beds, I have a weird mesh package somewhere in my CC that goofs up a specific single bed. I need to remove that. Anyway, I kept the green theme.

It's a cool looking lot, but it does have some issues.

Like the kitchen being really tiny.

Still, the Keefes are very happy with their new house, far away from everyone.

This is the only time they can use the TV though; after this they keep saying they can't get to it.

The entire back wall of the house is glass. This is the view of the girls' room through the glass.

It's much brighter if you're actually in the room.

Oh, and the bookshelves are inaccessible too. So I had to get rid of the girls' dresser and put in a small bookcase.

So! Now we have a few new things going on. New house. Getting money at the club. Suzi is at last in the Oceanography career (it's her LTW), so it's up to Milo to keep the club running.

Milo still has a week or more to go before he becomes an elder, so he gets a new set of clothes. He looks younger than ever. I might get rid of his glasses next.

He was out jogging, so he has the hat and sweats. And there are the cats! There wasn't room for them in this house either, I had to squeeze stuff in wherever I could.

Aaaaaaand there's the wolf leader, prompting me to put up the "no pets allowed" sign to keep him off the property.

Suzi gets a 1960s makeover.

Then goes to take care of the hole the wolf made.

Georgia O. doesn't care at all about her homework. Josie doesn't usually bring any home (her grades are really good) so she does her sister's homework.

I didn't know Milo was even cooking, but darned if he didn't start a fire! Thank goodness for the fire alarm.

Another interior pic.

Bad cat! The cats haven't done that at all before!

Well, that might be why. Or it's filthy as well as under snow. I said there wasn't room for all the cat stuff.

Georgia O. becomes a teenager, and I get a Sarah Michelle Gellar vibe from her.

This is both new (yay!) and unexpected (yay!) but going to take a little effort to achieve. Show Business requires a university degree, so she'll have to go to college; no real problem with that, since her parents are going to build their own. But it also requires two other sims: one each in Entertainment and Slacker. Slacker is taken care of, but I don't have anyone in Entertainment yet. Entertainment gets a position opened "whenever a sim transitions into adulthood with maximum charisma", and is never unlocked. So I need to get another sim transition with max charisma and then go into Entertainment. Good thing Georgia O. has another week of teenhood and then college.

Suzi is enjoying her oceanography career, though it's got some whiplash career decisions. (And wouldn't everyone want to know about mermaid-like creatures on this planet?)

So she wants to defend mermaids, but blow up their homes?

"How can I tell my wife that we're all getting really tired of grilled cheese?"
This is all this family eats. Suzi's secondary is Grilled Cheese, so a large portion of her wants revolve around that very meal. So she serves a lot of GC platters, and everyone eats them as leftovers.

Sometime Saturday afternoon, Milo finally gets his LTW!

He won't get this one, though. Artist career requires a university degree, and anyway, he has truckloads of money. Seriously, he should have a hat and clothing made out of money. The mattress is stuffed with money. "We'll line the walls with dollar bills / And use the wrinkled ones to wipe our windowsills." Man, The Lemon Drop Kid is a great movie.

Suzi's enormous shades work with the wetsuit, don't they?

Josie becomes a teen on Sunday night, and she's still cute! This is pre-makeup.

Milo is now uncomfortably young-looking next to his daughters.

Josie's LTW is Artist career, which happily she can get in one of two ways: either her parents can found an art gallery and get it to rank 5, or she can max creativity and sell 10 masterpieces. College is already a requirement, so she can work on her creativity for the next week and work on selling those masterpieces between now and graduation.

Both the girls spend time teaching the cats all kinds of skills, because it's too dang cold this winter to go outside.

And on Sunday evening, the Keefes have so much money it's crazy. They actually have more by 8 am Monday morning when the week ends, because Suzi went to work at 5 am and got a promotion off a chance card and came home early.

~ ~ ~


We started this household at 896 population (56 sims x 16 SM). But wait! The Keefes used $1,000,000 to start a new college. I don't know that I'll actually install the university; I mean, how many colleges do you really need in a game? So we'll count it toward the sim multiplier (SM), but everyone's really going to Temple Gate from here on out, whether they pay to go to still-fairly-new Temple Gate or the new fancy place. The new college adds +5 CAS sims, so 61 total sims; and +5 SM, so 21 SM. Thus 61 sims x 21 SM = 1281 population. Holy cow.

You know what? Milo and Suzi could probably pay for a new college every week. I'm not sure whether to exploit that or not.

Milo's kitchen mishap was Fire #9, thus opening another Law Enforcement slot.

Education slots open at every multiple of 250, so now we have 5 slots of that open.

Politics is unlocked at population 1000! I forget now who wants to be mayor, but it's open! First Medical position is unlocked at 1000. First Journalism position is unlocked at 1000 too.

I'm going to keep taking taxes, though maybe these are for roads and infrastructure now, I don't know. Anyway, the Keefes pay taxes of $3437 after paying for a new university.
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