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Game review: Bang!

My brother gave my dad Bang! for Christmas and we held the inaugural game last night. We messed up a bit on the first game (aka the "learning curve") and it took longer than expected because we were constantly looking things up in the rulebook. Once we got the hang of it, though, it was a very fun game, not least because Toly, Bro and I were riffing away MST3K-style throughout the whole thing. But it really was fun.

You can get the basics off the Amazon link above, but part of the fun was that I accidentally blew myself up with dynamite ("I regret nothing!"), before setting off waves of Indians to attack everyone. The game is double-printed in both English and Italian, so I insisted on pronouncing it "Dee-na-mee-tay." ("Must be Italian!")

Beer returns your hit points in this game. When Bro used a Beer card to regain a hit point, and then got shot by his wife and lost that hit point right back, Toly said "Well, you know, you only rent beer."

You do need a minimum of four players (we had 5 adults - note that the manufacturer's suggested age range is 8+ to 12+ depending on the basic and expansion packs). We ended with a near-stalemate at the end because we'd misread a rule, and yes, the rules are pretty complicated at first. Our copy is packaged in a neat giant bullet shape that at first everyone thought was just a nifty thermos.

Definitely worth playing again!
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