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Headcolds, gerbils, cousins

I'm getting really tired of headcolds. But I work in a sealed office building with hundreds of people, so we all share germs whether we like it or not, so the colds keep circulating with the air.

Oldest cousin (by Bro's ex) is visiting for a few days - it's weird that she's already in 10th grade. But a good student, from the sound of it, and looking for more challenge than she's getting in school, so good for her. She's also very good with all the younger kids.

Wilders Week 5 (BACC) are finally done. Hope to get them posted this week.

I got a present for Silver the gerbil "from Santa". It's a packet of millet sprays. In long-ago days when my brother and I had gerbils (lots of gerbils...), they loved nibbling on millet sprays. So this should be a nice surprise treat for Silver. Also, Silver loves me best, as far as any of us can tell. She bites Imp hard and often, and is okay with Pixie (her actual owner), but Silver likes me and repeatedly goes to me if given the choice. I don't know why, as I don't give her sunflower seeds or other goodies. Maybe it's because I have more confidence when handling her? Maybe I smell better?
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